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Our Weekly Bite


Everyone belongs at Biteline

Diversity; equity; inclusion. We hear these words a lot, especially this time of year.  But at Biteline, these aren’t just buzzwords – they’re standards by


Your Biteline FAQs – ANSWERED!

Are you an RDH or DA ready to take control of your career, time, and earning power? Enter: Biteline. So, what is it? And what


7 things to know about Biteline

New to Biteline? Been here awhile, but want the dish on the details? Either way, we’re bringing you the rundown of our freshest features. So,


Introducing Biteline Docs!

Drum roll please… Now introducing Biteline Docs! We’re bringing you the same premium, top-tier hiring experience – and this time, for dentists (lookin’ at you,

Dentist Tax

How to file taxes as a dental temp

Taxes can be, well, taxing – especially when you’re temping. For RDHs and DAs who temp, whether you make it a full-time career or are

5 ways to really ramp up your resume

You’re an in-demand dental professional, with years of experience and expertise.  The dental community is teeming with talented dental professionals, though – so how do


2021: A big year for Biteline

Biteline’s biggest wins Is it just us, or does it seem nearly impossible that we’re already entering 2022?2021 has been a whirlwind, to say the

Merry Christmas, Biteline!

Happy Holidays! From our family to yours, we want to wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years. This season is

Tooth Decay

Dealing with Tooth Decay

Expert Advice from the Pros: Dealing with Tooth Decay Tooth decay can be a pain – literally. As dental pros, you know that, fortunately, patients


5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation (n): that thing that can be hard to find, but easy to lose. You know the feeling – the feeling of being inspired, refreshed,

Kimberly Gallagher RDH

Meet our partners: Kimberly Gallagher, RDH

Meet our partners: Kimberly Gallagher, RDH Kimberly Gallagher is one of our favorite partners at Biteline. She’s not only an experienced hygienist and dynamic saleswoman

Work Life Balance

Is work-life balance real?

Is work-life balance real? Ah, work-life balance – an elusive concept.  Is it really possible to achieve a healthy balance in today’s “do or die”

National Dental Hygiene Month

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month! At Biteline, we know just how hard RDHs and DAs work year-round to keep patients smiling – but we also