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When it comes to your career, you’re in the saddle.
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Dental Offices

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Dental Professionals

Earn daily bonuses while temping.

Meet Kate: Our Partner in Raleigh Durham

Kate Shanahan has been proudly serving the dental community with Henry Schein for the last 15 years.
She is a pioneer in the dental placement industry, and at Biteline, we love collaborating with her to offer solutions to your placement challenges. We also highly recommend Kate to help you with any of the supply, equipment and technology needs for your practice. Kate can be reached at www.dentalkate.com

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Feel the Bite

Whether you’re a dental pro or a dental practice, Biteline is your easy, trusted, one-stop-shop for bridging job opportunities, ‘filling’ needs, and keeping patients smiling.


Create your profile and set your availability


Dental Pros

Your dental career (and maybe your smile) have never been brighter.

Biteline makes dental hiring easier, more accessible, and more supportive


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Make an impression

Be flossy; create a simple, sleek profile that showcases your talent, training, and experience.

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Get the gig

Find your next job, from temporary shifts to permanent positions so you can discover the gig that best fits your style and schedule.

Level up your career

Polish your skillset; access our library of professional development resources to learn, grow and brighten your personal brand and business.


Dental Practices

Dental hiring has never been cleaner.

Biteline takes the stress out of filling positions, so you can keep the focus on your patients (and not your problems).



Set your standards

Create a practice profile and post opportunities; specify certifications and software knowledge, so you get what you need.

Pick selector

Pick the perfect pros

Read reviews and evaluate experiences to discover pros that are the perfect fit for your practice. Message potential candidates and establish relationships; save your faves for next time.


Maximize your income

Keep patients smiling; stay fully-staffed and maintain a smooth workflow - and max out your financial potential.

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Hygienists Friendly

Over 2,800 Dental Professionals

“Biteline is a great platform that’s easy to use and helps us
all seek the perfect fit for employment. It gave us the
confidence we needed!”

MaKenzie Norman


Dentists Approved

Over 200 Dental Offices

“I absolutely recommend this amazing tool for dental
offices – whether it is a short notice temp need you have
or a long term assignment, they will take care of your
hiring needs! The application makes it simple and
efficient to connect with the right ‘fill ins’ for my office!”

Kelly Haynes

Office Manager
Kelly SturnerDentistry

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