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Your Biteline FAQs – ANSWERED!


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Are you an RDH or DA ready to take control of your career, time, and earning power?

Enter: Biteline.

So, what is it? And what do we do?

Biteline is an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that connects dental pros (that’s you) to open job opportunities – whether you want to find a last-minute shift to earn some extra cash or build a full-time career as a trusted temp.

You are the backbone of the dental industry. Offices want you; patients need you; and we’re here to connect you to those open opportunities – because it’s time to own your career.

We’re here to support you, so we’ve rounded up some of our most frequently asked questions (and answered them), so you have access to all the deets.

How are we paid?

Biteline does not handle payment to dental professionals; the offices will pay you directly. If you have any questions regarding how the office will pay you, we’re happy to reach out for you. And don’t forget our messaging feature – you can contact them directly on our platform.

Should I contact the office prior to the job date?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend that you send a message or call the office prior to the job date, to ensure that you are totally prepared.

Is there a way that I can browse for jobs without my current employer seeing my profile on the platform?

We get it! Sometimes, you want to stay anonymous during your job search; in these instances, choose the “browse anonymously” option on our platform, so that only offices that you submit applications to can reach out to you.

Is it okay if I apply for a job that starts within 24 hours?

Yes, but! We highly recommend that you call or message the office, contact our Customer Success department at 704-266-2064, or email us at success@biteline.net to ensure that the job is still open and that patients have not been rescheduled.

I loved the office that I filled in for and have agreed to fill more dates with the same office. Do I still need to apply for those job posts?

We love it when dental professionals build relationships with offices and agree to fill more dates for them. We do ask that you let us know the dates that you agree to fill in for that office, or apply on Biteline so that we can mark that job as “filled.”

With a community of over 2,500 dental pros, Biteline is a trusted platform that connects outstanding dental talent (again, you) to practices – quickly and efficiently – so you can best serve your patients and boost your career.

So, our big goal? Supporting you in pursuing happy, healthy, more financially independent lives.

Read more fun facts, expert advice, and dental industry news on the Biteline blog.
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