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Why you should pick up an extra shift or two through the holidays

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Ah, here we are again: The Holiday Season.

A time to rejoice. To celebrate family. To spread kindness. To….pick up some extra work!

While working an extra shift or two might not currently be at the top of your wishlist especially after, well, ALL the events of 2020, it’s a smart idea to give yourself a little extra cushion this time of year.

Why? Glad you asked. Here are five reasons you should say “YES” to some extra hours during the holidays.


So you can deck the halls with…cash


Unless everyone on your gift list isn’t sick of your banana bread yet, you might need a little extra cash flowing in to fund this year’s gifting.


We know, we know, the holidays aren’t about packages, boxes, or bags. (IYKYK.) But there are few things that bring greater delight than finding the PERFECT gift for your mom, significant other, or nephew. You know the feeling. “This is it.


But even if the gifts are modestly-priced, unless you’re one of those responsible types who saves up all year for holiday spending (in which case, you’re a superhero), even small gifts cut into your budget. That money has to come from somewhere.


Working some extra hours can help you make sure you’ve got the cash you need to spoil every member of your family with gifts. (After the year we’ve had, we all deserve it.)


So you can help out dental offices – and patients – who need it


In this weird, weird world we’re living in, there’s still a big need for awesome dental professionals right now. People are still trying to get back on the schedule after having to miss appointments during the quarantine.


Plus, anyone who needs something a bit more than just a cleaning – a filling, crown, or bridge – are trying to get those taken care of before the end of the year for insurance purposes.


Plus plus, college students who did go off to campus this year are home until Spring, and there’s a good chance their parents wanted to get them in for a visit to the dentist while they’re home.


Bottom line: December is a busy month for dental offices, and they need ya. By picking up an extra couple of shifts, you’ll be making someone’s day a lot better.


So you have an excuse for family, just in case you need one 


Look. We all love Uncle Larry and Aunt Karen. Really. We do. But sometimes they’re just a bit…much. 


Uncle Larry will not stop going on about the results of the election, and Aunt Karen is like an interrogation officer with her line of questioning about your personal life.


We’re not saying you want to look for ways to avoid extra time with them during the holidays. But…if you did “have to get to work” and it just so happened to get you out of having dinner with them…well, that’s ____ (reference a Christmas song)


So you can start off 2021 in a good place


You know that groggy hangover feeling of January 1? Not just the actual hangover from too much NYE indulgence, but the holiday season hangover that sends you into a spiral when you realize you spent the past month eating and celebrating and taking some extra self-care time?


Don’t get us wrong – we fully support self-care and slowing down from time to time. We’re just saying that in this case, self-care might mean taking an extra couple of shifts during December so that when January 1 hits, you don’t have to get mentally prepared to “get the ground running” again or “get back into the swing of things.”


You’ll be prepared, because you’ve been keeping up the awesome work. 


And that will feel way more awesome than the groggy, “Wait…what year is it?” feeling.


So you can save up for a rainy day 


Among many things 2020 taught us, one of the most important lessons is that nothing is guaranteed, and we never know what might happen.


Many people had to tap into their savings and emergency funds this year. Or worse, many people realized they didn’t have savings or an emergency fund. 


No matter your financial circumstances or income, it’s always a smart idea to have an emergency or ‘rainy day’ fund. (Rainy day sounds much nicer.)

With December being a busy month for dental offices, the opportunity is there for you to bring in some extra money now to pad that fund, so that you’re prepared for what 2021 might bring.


(Universe…please don’t take that as a challenge.)


See? Lots of reasons to grab a few extra shifts this holiday season. 


And Biteline is here to make it easy for you. We’d love to be your dental career wingman to connect you with new opportunities.


Read more fun facts, expert advice, and dental industry news on the Biteline blog.
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