Week two… the chaos begins

//Week two… the chaos begins

Week two… the chaos begins

And off to the races…

First users, then job posts, then filled positions, and now we’re seeing reviews. Love it.

New users are continuing to sign up daily, and we are already seeing partial region expansion. We plan to jump start Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Florence and Greenville soon. We need local advocates to help, if you are interested please contact me!

Alright, software… there are some bugs and poorly designed pages, but overall I couldn’t be happier with the first version. Biteline’s Stig, I’ll call him StRig,  (our lead developer) is off the charts talented, so were hoping to iron out bugs and improve the page flow.

NEW FEATURES! This is truly exciting, watching the software be shaped by customers. I’ll be providing more detail later, but the StRig is already working on adding DMD and Admin to list of degrees, primary use type which will help with finding applicants, as well as rich and detailed notifications.

Oh, and understanding this is bold, we already have a couple of hashtags, although I still don’t know how to use Twitter. #bitelineforever and hopefully used in a city near you soon, #bitelineme hahahaha!

Alright, can’t thank everyone enough for the support, and Kimberly is truly a gift from above, as is the entire Carolina Smiles group.



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