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Three ways to keep learning and improving

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Three ways to stay on top of your game.


No matter our industry, most of us can agree to embrace one simple idea:

Never stop learning. 

Even the best of the best – from CEOs to RDHs – have room for improvement. There’s always something new to discover, another skill to add to your proverbial toolbelt. You can’t climb the ladder without taking each step.

So, learn something new – our world is constantly changing. Polish up on some of those things you’re already great at, or learn a completely new technique. There will always be new information to learn. Embrace it. 

Here are a few of our tips to help you stay at the top of your game, so you can go get ‘em and hang with the best.



Take advantage of online classes


If we’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that the internet is a goldmine of information. Being stuck behind a screen, we’ve had to learn how to do things differently – and we’ve had the time to learn new things. Maybe you took advantage of free virtual workouts, or tried a new recipe. (TikTok whipped coffee, anyone?) And with more people and businesses understanding the value of virtual content, we’ll probably even see an increase in the number of online course offerings in the future.

So maybe you’re thinking that, as a dental professional, there’s not a whole lot you can learn through a screen. But don’t underestimate the value of a good webinar or continuing education course. 

Then there’s that buzzword: soft skills. You can work on how you develop relationships with your patients, to put a nervous mind at ease. Or learn how to better manage a stressful situation to provide the best care you can.

And because everyone is always learning – even dentists and hygienists – you might even come across something completely new, something that was never taught in your formal education. But staying on top of the newest information is the key to becoming the most well-rounded, current hygienist you can be. 

Because let’s face it, when you’re constantly *thisclose* to someone’s face, and in charge of making their smile the most beautiful and healthy, they’ll want to know that you know exactly what you’re doing.



Read books 



When there is so much information online, you can truly spend hours getting lost down the rabbithole. Looking for another way to brush up on your knowledge?

Read a book.

An actual, tangible, real-life book. Paperback or hardcover, it’s up to you.

We know it may seem a little old school, but there are literally thousands of books out there full of expert knowledge. Sure, some of the literature is more current than others, but either way, there’s something exciting about learning techniques and strategies by those who have been in your shoes themselves.

Okay, so this isn’t an invitation to revert to the medieval practices of dentistry. But understanding where you came from can help you build a stronger foundation for moving forward. And aside from actual medical research and literature, there are tons of more accessible reads.

Learn about the latest practices in biological or emotional dentistry from today’s professionals, or even the best diet for your oral health. You might be learning for your patients, but you can adopt some of these practices for your own lifestyle too. 

And hey, while you’re adding to your Amazon cart, feel free to drop the latest book club pick from Oprah or Reese in there.

Or this tongue-in-cheek coloring book, made specifically with you in mind. (We do love a good dental pun!).



Use your network 




We all know the importance of networking – it’s why we do what we do here.

And you know all that stuff you learned in school – in both courses and clinical rotations? Don’t forget where you started. Reach out to former professors or mentors, or maybe even one of the superiors you work with now. 

Then let them connect you with even more people. Use the network you have, but don’t be afraid to extend it. You really don’t have to look that far to access new information, or to brush up on the knowledge you already have.

And, of course, we always encourage you to reach out to your fellow RDHs.

But whoever you learn from, make sure to compile this knowledge and blend it with your own – it’s the perfect recipe for success.

With the internet a click away, the written words of experts old and new, and a network of brains at your fingertips, you have every opportunity in the world to polish those skills that make you the best RDH in the business. 


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