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Samaiya Robbins: Meet Biteline’s Customer Success Manager

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Samaiya Robbins: Meet Biteline’s Customer Success Manager

Passion for wellness? Interest in business? 

Our Customer Service Manager, Samaiya Robbins, has it both.

Samaiya’s education and experience in the health industry, from psychology to personal training, informs her everyday lifestyle – she’s a fierce advocate for both mental and physical wellness. Mix that with a passion for people and building relationships, some stellar experience in sales and operations, and a spirit for entrepreneurship (she started her own business in 2019!) – and you’ve got the perfect recipe for Customer Success.

Learn more about Samaiya’s experience, and what excites her most about Biteline.

Biteline: How did you get involved with Biteline?

Samaiya Robbins: I actually found Biteline through a job search on AngelList. I’ve always been interested in working with startups – the relationships, the opportunity for growth – and I love the idea of becoming part of the legacy of a successful company. With Biteline, I was drawn to what I consider to be a revolutionary product – I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before, and I think there’s a huge opportunity for growth. It also has that health/wellness aspect, but in an area I’ve never been a part of before, which really sparked my interest.

B: What do you do for Biteline?

SR: I’m the Customer Success Manager. My job is all about communication – I regularly communicate with dentists to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that their jobs are being posted and filled – and I also help professionals manage profiles and apply for jobs. Anything anyone needs to have the best Biteline experience, I do!

B: What do you love about your job?

SR: The variety! Working for a startup, on a small team, every day is different; I wear a lot of hats, which really pushes me to expand my skill set, and I love it. I’m also passionate about helping businesses grow and reach their full potential; working with a team that truly loves what they do and who they are working with is rare – and I’ve found that at Biteline!

B: What are you most excited for next?

SR: Growth, growth, growth. I’m so excited to help expand the business, to help as many people as possible – that’s why I absolutely love working with startups. As we pick up speed, I’m looking forward to implementing some new strategies and processes to streamline everyone’s experience. 

B: What’s one thing that makes you smile?

SR: My American pitbull, Angel! And quality family time. I have a small, but very close, family – and spending time with my mom and brothers always makes me smile. It’s all about relationships.

Samaiya always has a smile on her face, and she’s sure to put one on yours, too – we’re stoked to have her in the Biteline family!

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