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Temporary hiring has never been easier.

Two simple options customized to your office’s unique needs.

Temporary Post



$150 / mo

Your questions, our answers

Biteline is a dental-only professional network! With a community of over 1,000 dental pros in the greater Mecklenburg County area, we’re the best option for area practice owners to quickly and affordably connect to outstanding dental talent.

Biteline Plus is our premium hiring solution! Avoid the line and create unlimited posts and hire as many professionals as you need.


Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a quick single day of coverage, you may purchase a single Temporary Post for $75. This is a one-time fee.

Biteline Plus is all inclusive. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. 


For a single monthly fee, you are able to create unlimited Temporary Posts and hire as many dental pros as required each month. You’ll also gain access to our Discover People profile and resume browsing portal where you may sort through local professionals’ public profiles and send direct messages and/or job offers.

After creating your Temporary Post, you’ll be assigned a personal recruiter who will get to work immediately on matching you with local available professionals. We promote temp opportunities both inside (e.g. custom push notifications and job search results) and outside the Biteline app (e.g. text & direct message recruitment and local Facebook group reposting).


You’ll receive email alerts as professionals apply to your Temporary Post. If you download the Biteline app on your phone, you may opt into push notifications as well. Local professionals will apply with their profile, a brief cover letter, and their desired hourly rate. Send an offer to the best choice and message them in-app to discuss the job details.

Biteline does not process payments between offices and dental pros. We leave it up to the individual practice and professional to negotiate and decide upon an agreeable rate and payment schedule.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer bulk post discounts, but we do offer discounts or even a free post or two to new customers! If you’re not totally convinced yet, schedule a quick 15 minute demo with Will and get your questions answered.

First thing: Dental pro’s you find through Biteline are not employees or independent contractors at Biteline. A staffing firm typically will have a handful of professionals on their payroll and will place them in offices who request a temp. This approach can result in hefty hourly surcharges applied to your bill and limits your involvement in the professional vetting process.


Second thing: Biteline takes a community approach that allows us to more reliably fill your temporary openings and keep unnecessary expense low for both you and the professional. With access to a community of over 1,000 dental pros in Mecklenburg county, your job opportunity will receive unmatched local visibility at a fraction of the price.

Last thing: Staffing firms aren’t all bad! Having a single point of contact and someone to rely on as you navigate often complex temporary hiring is important. Biteline Plus subscribers not only are assigned a personal recruiter, they also have the option of engaging in temporary hiring planning

If you purchased a single Temporary Post for $75 – don’t worry about canceling anything! That’s a one-time fee, with no commitments.

For Biteline Plus subscribers, we hate to see you go, but if you want to end your membership simply send an email to billing@biteline.net. You may also visit the billing section on the Biteline app to easily cancel at any time – no cancellation fees or strings attached.

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