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New year, new goals: Making the most of a clean slate

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We’ve heard it time and time again… 2020 was unexpected, unpredictable, unprecedented.


But we’ve given enough attention to the craziness of 2020, and we’re ready to bid farewell.


Though we know we can’t leave everything in the past, we can still excitedly embrace a fresh start; a brand new year. 2021 is handing us all a clean slate.


If you’re feeling inspired to start the year with a fresh set of goals, or just set an intention to be more productive working from home this year (having Emily in Paris on in the background really does distract us from work, even if we try to tell ourselves otherwise), here a couple of tips to make the most of this chance to become our best, productive selves.


Vocalize, and visualize your goals


Most of us lost complete track of time in March of last year. (How many times did YOU ask Siri “what day is it?”) Most of us slept in way too late and spent way too many hours with our beloved Netflix — all with a few hours of Zoom meetings in between, without really taking a step back to think about what intentions we’d set for ourselves.


Setting your goals is only half the battle; it’s how we keep track of them that really matters. And when we lose track of what day…week…month it is, chances are we’ve also lost track of how we’re doing with our goals. If we want 2021 to be our most productive yet, how can we hold ourselves accountable?


Write your goals down in a place you will see them often. Then, take it a step further: Tell your family, significant other, your roommate, or even your dog your goals. Having that extra layer of accountability of just knowing that someone else knows what you’re working towards can make a huge difference. They can check in with you periodically about your process. (Well…maybe not your dog.)


Dress the part


You want to look in the mirror and see yourself as someone who’s productive and successful. So, while we’re talking about establishing structure and normalcy, we challenge you to switch out that oversized hoodie from your alma mater with, and we know it may seem unrealistic, a blouse or button-up shirt.


Even if your job is still completely online, getting ready each morning like you’re heading in the office might just help you convince yourself that you are. The more you do it, the more it becomes a habit.


As superficial as it might sound, but the simple act of changing clothes serves as a signal that it’s time to wake up and get things done.


“Don’t underestimate the power of putting on clothes suitable for public viewing. It makes you feel human [and] confident and helps draw the line between being at work and being at home,” says Heather Yurovsky, Muse career coach.


Waking up and taking care of your appearance can go a long way toward helping you feel like you’re actually taking care of yourself. Just give it a shot; and if you really can’t stand it, your oversized hoodie will happily welcome you back.


Do something big


Most of us are probably looking back on 2020 with a pretty overwhelming sense of frustration.


Despite having all this time at home, most of us still never got around to those “We’ve always wanted to try that” projects, whether it was painting the living room, becoming a regular at a Zoom workout class, or even starting that blog.


But, not to get too cheesy on ya – it’s never too late. 


There’s a good chance that we’ll spend a good amount of time at home again this year. Why not vow to turn some of your couch time into doing that ‘big thing’ you’ve always wanted to try? 


Learn to sew, and make masks for your loved ones. Learn a foreign language with an online tool like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. Write a book of poetry.


There are so many ways to make productive use out of the time you might be spending at home. Doing something you’ve always wanted will help you look back on this weird time period with a little less frustration, and maybe a tiny bit of pride.


We really, really couldn’t be more excited that 2020 is officially in the past. Are you ready to join us in making 2021 awesome?


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