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Merry Christmas, Biteline!

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Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours, we want to wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years. This season is one of our absolute favorites; the tradition, the magic, the wonder – and we hope you love it, too. 

Here’s what makes the Biteline team smile about the holiday season!

Will Naso; Co-Founder & CEO

Watching the Queen’s Christmas Speech on BBC America with my Grandmother!

Hank Conn; CTO

Getting together with family, going for walks in the snow, playing board games, and most of all – the food.

Meg Seitz; VP of Brand

Listening to my dad read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to our family every Christmas Eve, which he’s done every year since my sister was born – that’s 33 Christmas Eves! The whole experience of Christmas makes me smile – it’s this fun time of hustle and calm; comfort and wonder; traditions and new experiences; it’s every magical part of being human summed up in a season. And the Andy Williams Christmas Album from 1963 always makes me smile at this time of year.

Kristie Duff; Business Development / Director of Sales 

Spending time with my daughter. We love Christmas in Davidson, and enjoy seeing all the Christmas lights! And going back home to spend time with my mom is such a blessing, and spending time with my niece and nephew. We take them to Great Wolf Lodge and the Train Cart Hotel in Indianapolis every Christmas, a tradition I started with my daughter when she was just 1 (she’s 14 now)! Christmas music also makes me smile – and did I mention puppy chow? That makes me smile, too.

Ashka Shah; Customer Success Director

Spending time with my extended family. With over 20 family members that come home, Secret Santa is always a fun tradition, along with playing a competitive taste-testing game – every year, we all sit in a circle and close our eyes and try different food items such as different flavored chocolates, and everyone has to guess what it is.

Damian Medinas; Graphic Designer

Enjoying both traditional Argentine and Brazilian food (and drinks!); these are dishes that we basically only have during the holidays. My mom’s side of the family is huge, so all of us getting together is super nice; another thing I love doing is going out with my friend or jumping in the pool after the toast on both Christmas and New Year’s!

Clarence Chang; UX Designer

Seeing both old and new faces over a Christmas meal and giving thanks to the people in our lives; the holidays remind me to take pause in our busy lives and reflect on the memories made with family and friends.

Hans Foster; Junior Front-end Developer

Being with family and enjoying the food, games, and music that always surround us at that time; we play a lot of card games like poker and hearts.

Chiara Calandriello; Virtual Assistant

Sleeping without an alarm clock. I also really enjoy traveling and seeing new places together with the people I love; making fun plans, going to the beach!

Margaret Thacker; Director of Content

Watching “White Christmas” every season; it was one of my grandmother’s favorite movies. We watched it all year-round, but it especially reminds me of childhood Christmases. And sausage balls (a Southern fave) on Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Biteline!



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