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Meet our partners: Kimberly Gallagher, RDH

Kimberly Gallagher RDH

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Meet our partners: Kimberly Gallagher, RDH

Kimberly Gallagher is one of our favorite partners at Biteline. She’s not only an experienced hygienist and dynamic saleswoman (of dental equipment, of course) – she’s a community leader. As the founder of an early dental industry networking group on Facebook, way back in 2010, she has always understood the importance of connecting professionals to opportunities – something we’re super passionate about at Biteline!

Learn a little more about Kimberly, why she chose the dental industry, and how much she loves her job (and us).

Biteline: What initially excited you about the dental industry?

Kimberly Gallagher: My mom is a nurse! So, I loved healthcare and actually considered nursing – but I was more intrigued by the dental profession. Growing up, my HYG was the one who had an impact on me! When I was a senior in high school, she asked, “Have you thought about what you’d like to do when you graduate?” Her whole speech on not working weekends, holidays or nights, versus my mom’s career as a third-shift nurse, is probably what sold me the most on the dental field.  

B: Can you tell us a little bit about your career path?

KG: In 2003, I graduated from Trident Technical College and got my first job in family dentistry; in 2007, I was invited to teach dental hygiene at my alma mater as the clinic instructor; in 2010, Facebook launched Groups and I created South Carolina’s first dental social networking group to help dental professionals find temps, CE opps, CPR, etc.; and in 2014, I got the opportunity to work for a wonderful perio practice. This was a dream opportunity because it was one of my favorite scopes of dentistry! I had an amazing time as their lead hygienist, and was a public speaker in a couple of their continuing education courses. (This was also when I partnered with Biteline!)

Like most, when Covid hit, I lost my job. Schools and summer camps closed and I found myself as an unemployed stay-at-home mom – it was GREAT! But after 6 months, I went back to work. I started back as a full-time temp, but was eventually invited to work for a cosmetic dentist and a periodontist part-time. And then in July 2021, I joined the sales team with Andau Medical, selling the best ergonomic dental loupes and lights in the market. 

B: What does a typical day look like for you?

KG: I’m in clinic 2 days a week, and see 8 patients a day with a fantastic cosmetic dentist – I get one hour per patient. I also work one day a month for a periodontist performing nonsurgical procedures: scaling and root planing. The rest of the week I am making calls with customers and attending demos showing my loupe product line. 

B: What is your favorite part of the job?

KG: Oral hygiene instruction and demo is probably my favorite part of my job. Using intraoral  cameras and having the patient demo back to me their form and technique is an eye-opener, and really highlights how many errors they make. It is great to educate and show them new dental tools or aids that specifically clean their teeth… and not just using the default “brush and floss” preaching method. Becoming their cheerleader is the best feeling and most rewarding to me! 

B: What is one thing that makes you smile?

KG: So many things – the Dr’s jokes! I hear the same ones on a weekly basis! And when a Dr. values my hygiene evaluation and treatment recommendations. Or when the patient gets the “aha” moment with their oral hygiene instruction and comes back with improved periodontal health and cannot wait to show you how well they’ve done. And best of all, when they want to get to know you and remember you when they return for their recall… building friendships. 

We love having Kimberly as part of the family (she’s an OG), and we look forward to having her help us continue to spread the word about Biteline – so we can keep spreading smiles!

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