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Kristie Duff: Meet Biteline’s new Sales Director/Business Development Manager

Kristie Duff

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Kristie Duff: Meet Biteline’s new Sales Director/Business Development Manager

How do you spread the word about an innovative app meant to help RDHs and DAs find work?

You need people like Kristie Duff.

Kristie is our new Sales Business Development Manager, and is a total rockstar at what she does. With 10 years of experience as a DA II in a clinical setting, she knows the dental industry like the back of her hand – which makes her the perfect person to bring Biteline to offices and individuals alike.

Learn more about Kristie’s experience, and what excites her most about Biteline.

Biteline: Tell us a little about your career path and how you got into the dental profession. 

Kristie Duff: At the age of 18, I started working retail sales. I grew to love the company, and I continued to grow with them for 10 years. In my ninth year, a friend of mine asked for help at the dental office she was working at, because an employee was out on maternity leave. I quickly agreed, and was excited for a new opportunity. While I was working two jobs, the dentist that owned the practice approached me and said that he loved my energy and that I was a quick learner, and he offered me a permanent full-time position. Now, after 10 years of experience in the clinical dental industry, I’m so excited to be growing with Biteline. I’m very passionate and love helping people, and I believe in what Biteline has to offer.

B: What drew you to Biteline, and what is one (or two) of your favorite features?

KD: I was drawn to Biteline because I have firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to be short-handed on the clinical end. It causes so much stress on the hygienists and DAs when there aren’t enough team members. And I love that it’s a live feed – it’s all live. It’s instant; it’s at our fingertips. But also it’s affordable. When I go into an office and they say that they don’t need temps right now, I say, that’s understandable… but when you have a team member that is out due to being sick, a personal day, a last-minute family emergency, or a planned vacation (which everybody needs and deserves), Biteline is available. With over 1,200 dental professionals in our community, we can help keep the office running smoothly, to lessen the stress on team members and to prevent daily loss of production.

B: Why would you recommend Biteline to other dental professionals?

KD: Look at it this way – yes, you may not need temps right now, or need assistance or help, but it’s just like health insurance or car insurance. We don’t use it until we need it, but we still pay monthly for it because it protects us when we do need it. And that’s a perfect analogy for Biteline. Another thing I would say is the price. Think about it this way: Biteline’s quarterly cost is the cost of a two surface filling for one patient. So that’s how you look at it. To close down a hygiene operation for just one day, the loss of production is anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000, and sometimes more depending on the size of the office. For a year of Biteline Plus, it comes to $1,200 total – just by having to not close down your office for one day, you will have made your money back.

As a dental professional, Kristie gets the how and why of Biteline – she knows what the dentists, RDHs, and DAs are thinking, because she’s been there – and she knows how much Biteline can help meet their (your!) needs. Working in clinical, her favorite part of the job was working with her patients; she loves people, and has always been extremely passionate about dentistry. Now, she builds relationships with dental offices so professionals like you can find the right job at the right time, so you can enjoy your job and keep yourself and your patients smiling!

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