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Applying to a Job

Finding a job, whether temporary or permanent, can be a tough process. Now, don’t get me wrong – some people find it to be easy, but if you’re like the majority of dental professionals, it isn’t always the easiest. We’ve all spent countless hours filling out applications in a process that is tedious, complicated, and not very rewarding.

Biteline can change that! We exist because there is a temporary staffing problem in the dental industry and we know dental professionals like you want these jobs, but often aren’t able to find them. Think of Biteline as a bridge that connects you to other dental professionals. Finding work can be a tricky process – but we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible: 

Step 1. Filter your Discover Feed #

Profile pictures are crucial to influencing the way employers and applicants perceive you. Think of it this way – if someone friends you on Facebook, are you more likely to accept that request if they have a picture showing who they are? Here at Biteline, we are! A professional headshot, a company logo, or something else unique – make it your own. Job seekers – check out this article on how to take the best amateur headshot. 

To add a profile picture to your Biteline profile, click on the button labeled “Your Profile” (located on the bottom right side of the screen), tap the figure above Your Name (shown above), and choose a photo!

Step 2. Found a job post that you’re interested in? #

This is what a typical job looks like on Biteline. Notice the basics first – 1) Office name; 2) Pay range, 3) Date, 4) Office address and 5) Work hours. Keep scrolling to learn what software they use or any other important details. Lastly, read the job description carefully – are you ready to apply? Just tap the “apply now” button! 

Step 3. Set your rate, write a quick note, and your application will be on its way #

Apply within the poster’s desired rate or outside of it! They’ll make the next move, so put your best foot forward. Make sure to write a quick note alongside your application – the poster will receive this as a message. Introduce yourself and try to write two quick sentences on why you applied. If you need some help communicating with employers, feel free to reach out to us!

By following these steps, finding jobs and getting hired will be so much easier! Good luck, you got this!