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How to present yourself (and your resume) in a professional manner

Professional Interview

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We want YOU to get noticed on Biteline – here are some ways to make sure you’re looking and feeling your professional best.

Your family, friends and colleagues know how great you are. (If only they could go on job interviews FOR you!) But we often struggle to paint that same, best picture of ourselves when we’re applying for a job. Often, employers, like dental offices, are receiving dozens at a time, so if you don’t present yourself in a way that really attracts them, your application, interest, and experience might fall quickly to the bottom of the pile.

Luckily we have a few tips for RDH pros to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Include a picture on your online profiles for websites like LinkedIn or Biteline 


Most of us know that a LinkedIn picture doesn’t exactly represent who we are as humans, but what it does do is make us look pretty polished.

And, when you want to stand out next to dozens of other applicants, polished and professional might be what you’re looking for.

While your masked photo in a restaurant or selfie on a dog walk might be fun for your Facebook friends to see, it’s not going to scream professional the way employers might be looking for. There are plenty of ways to show off your personality through interviews or shadow days.

Your headshot doesn’t have to be a fancy professional portrait; but a plain background, a nice dress shirt, and a non-blurry image will remind an employer that you’re both happy and approachable, but take things seriously and get the job done.

Tell your story 

As most employers will tell you, one of the best ways to share your unique set of experiences is through your resume. Even if you make it to the interview stage, you won’t have time to share each and every job title you have held, so your resume can give an employer a little preview into what has shaped your career.


A good resume is concise; you don’t want to bore an employer to sleep with a grocery list of every task you have completed in your career. But at the same time, you don’t want to leave out your job descriptions to make room for more titles, if you leave employers wanting too much more about a particular role, they might jump to another resume with more detail.


Of course, your resume is the first document you will deliver to this office, so in the spirit of putting your best foot forward, you’ll always want to check for spelling or grammar errors. Catch the employer’s eye with just one, and your resume might end up in the recycling.


Prepare for application questions 

You’re probably familiar with the classic job application prompts: “Why should we choose you?” or “Why do you want to work for us?”

While your resume can usually be pretty broad, these questions are your chance to show why you don’t just want any job, but you want this job.

Share the skills that show you off as a perfect match for the role. If the job description mentions skills the office is looking for, demonstrate times where you’ve really put these traits into practice.

Do your research to show that you know – and admire – what makes this business or office unique. Find out what really makes them stand out; there are hundreds of thousands of dentist offices all around the world, but what will really make you shine is showing that you want this exact one, and took the time to find out why.

The application process isn’t easy, but with a polished headshot, an impressive resume, and just a little bit of time to show why you’re the perfect match for the role, you’re destined to be an applicant to remember.

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