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How to Get Back in Gear & Explain A Resume Gap to Future Employers

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Whatever network you’ve built up throughout your career — whether it’s 500+ LinkedIn connections, or a few loyal mentors — now is the time to pick their brains about any new opportunities.

Sooooo, how’s 2020 going for you?


Are you thriving in your career? Or…..are you pressing ‘Still watching’ on another episode of Emily in Paris while your resume sits with a gaping hole? 


We get it. It’s overwhelming. But it’s probably also time for you to get back out there. So, how do you do that?


How do you close the gap in a world still filled with unknowns, and a job market that entering feels like pulling teeth?


Here are a few ways that you — a hopeful and darn capable professional — can fill that resume gap for the job you’ve always wanted. 


There’s always something new to do


Every single one of us tried something new during quarantine: Completing our first 500 piece puzzle, trying our first virtual Zumba class, or baking a loaf of banana bread (#forthegram.)


And while none of that is exactly Linkedin material, there are plenty of non-baking activities you can try to help breathe some life back into your career.


Why not take that online course you’ve always wanted to try? Quite a few companies (Coursera, IBM) have been offering their courses at discounts or even for free these last few months, so there’s kind of no excuse not to give one a shot. 


If you really miss getting your hands dirty on the actual job, you could try offering services pro-bono for some of your friends, or even freelance for a local small business. Not only can you earn a little extra pocket change but you can show your future employer that you’re scrappy, you’re committed to keeping your skills polished, and you truly love what you do.


Keep your eyes peeled; there’s always an opportunity out there


Whatever network you’ve built up throughout your career — whether it’s 500+ LinkedIn connections, or a few loyal mentors — now is the time to pick their brains about any new opportunities. 


(Heck, they might even be able to help you polish your interview skills so you’re extra-prepared.)


If you’ve tapped your network, scoured the job boards, and still can’t find anything, have you considered a career switch? Maybe there’s an industry or position you’ve always dreamed of landing, but never had the confidence to change lanes. Or even a line of work you’ve always been curious about, but never had the time to explore.


Well, now’s your chance. You never know what’s out there. And that old cliché, you’ll never know unless you try, is a cliché for a reason.


If there are two qualities you want to embody, it’s these: Honesty and positivity


For those of us who truly love what we do, are driven by success in our jobs, and have always gone that extra mile,  it can be pretty painful to admit we lost our jobs. 


And you hate telling people you were laid off, but “furloughed” doesn’t exactly soften the blow. 


But here’s the thing: There’s nothing a future employer will value or respect more than good ole honesty. If you were furloughed or laid off, let yourself be transparent with potential employers about it. But at the same time, illustrate what you’ve tried to accomplish during this time, and make it known where you hope to go from there.


Above all, don’t let this undeniably frustrating situation detract from how awesome and experienced you are. You’ve accomplished great things, and while this has been a setback, you’re going to get through it. It’s healthy for you to keep in mind how great of a job you can do, plus employers will be much more attracted to you if you remain positive and confident.  


Highlight all the positive things you gained from this time, and emphasize how excited you are to get the career ball rolling again.


Go ahead, roll your sleeves up, and get to work. Learn something new, and impress a new employer. Emily in Paris will be waiting for you — we promise.


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