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How the Dental Industry looks different in 2021 from 2020 so far

Dentistry 2021

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The dental industry is continuing to evolve and expand with positive changes.


It’s officially Q2 2021. How are we all doing?! (Insert your current state of emotions here.)  


One area that looks much more hopeful this year is the dental hygienist industry. 2020 transformed the way we see healthcare, especially since most of us may have never imagined a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment from the comfort of our bedroom. 


The dental industry is continuing to evolve and expand with positive changes. Here are some of our favorite changes we’re excited for in 2021. 


Online Portals and Scheduling


As you probably know by now, those of us who actually enjoy a visit to the dentist are the lucky ones. Many fear the dentist, but unfortunately for them, routine checkups and occasional procedures are hard to avoid (especially since those dentist-dreaders often happen to also be nail-biters.)


Luckily, trends in 2020 aiming to soften the blow of the dental experience (even ‘sell’ it to its patients like consumers) are surging in 2021.


Thanks to the trusty heads behind online healthcare, patients in 2021 can build their appointments predominantly online, allowing them to ask questions and ease any worries before they even enter the office. So now, many patients can really feel like they have control over an otherwise dreaded appointment.

Telehealth and Live Video


Again, most of us never expected to one day fill out a prescription while lying in our bed. But just like we saw in 2020, 2021 is promising more and more telehealth opportunities. Instead of coming into the office simply to discuss their medical history or upcoming procedure, a patient can deal with all the pre-requirements beforehand, and avoid the dentist’s chair where necessary.


Of course, it would be pretty difficult to undergo dental surgery through a computer screen, so 2021 won’t mean the end of in-person appointments altogether. It’ll just make a little more space in the office for the appointments that really do need to be in person.


And as a result of this extra space, 2021 has also expanded many dentist’s office hours, allowing patients to schedule times they feel most comfortable, including evenings or weekends.


Natural Dental Products


You may or may not have heard of natural dental products or ‘green dentistry’, but if there’s a time for it, it could be now. In 2021, more and more dentist’s offices are using natural, sustainable products for their practice, including organic scrubs, reduced use of aerosols, and an increase of eco-friendly sterilization products.


This is pretty exciting for dentists everywhere, especially since more and more potential patients demand businesses who care about making their footprint a little smaller. By taking advantage of 2021’s opportunities to go green, your practice can be the one that really stands out among its Gen Z patients.


There’s a load of reasons to be excited for this year. But among the dental industry, we can take advantage of 2020’s positive advancements, and look forward to the new ones arising in 2021. 


An online-driven, environmentally conscious post-Covid world definitely sounds like something we want to be a part of.


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