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Own your opportunities

Break the mold; find jobs that fit your schedule and lifestyle, and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t work for you.

Know your worth

Floss like a boss; get paid what you deserve, without shelling out extra cash to an agency. No risk; all reward.

Expand your network

Build bonds; connect with local dental professionals and practices, and accelerate your career.

How it works

Create your profile

Be flossy; create a simple, sleek profile that
showcases your talent, training, and experience.

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Show off your credentialed skill set

Upload certifications; include endorsements; flaunt your crowning achievements

Establish your rate

Set a rate that reflects your experience, and
get paid properly. You know your worth; let
practices know it, too.

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Schedule your availability

Work when you want. From holidays to weekends to last-
minute fill-ins, update your calendar to let practices know
when you’re ready to get down to business.

Find jobs nearby

Work where you want. Whether you want to cut down on your commute or schedule a shift next to your favorite coffee shop, use the map feature to locate your next gig.

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Connect with Offices

Work for who you want. Message offices in real time; ask questions and offer feedback, and build a bond with potential team members.

“Biteline is a great platform that’s easy to use and helps us all seek the perfect fit for employment. It gave us the confidence we needed!”

MaKenzie Norman



Biteline does not handle payment to dental professionals; the offices pay you directly. If you have any questions on how the office will pay you, we are happy to find out for you. You can also send them a direct message on our platform.

Yes; we recommend that you send a message or call the office prior to the job date, to ensure that you are fully prepared.

We understand that some dental professionals prefer to stay anonymous during their job search; you can choose the “browse anonymously” option on our platform so that only offices that you submit applications to can reach out to you.

You can apply for a job that starts within 24 hours of your application; however, we highly recommend that you contact the office via phone or direct message, contact our Customer Success department at 704-266-2064, or email us at success@biteline.net to ensure that the job is still open and that patients have not been rescheduled.

We love it when dental professionals build relationships with offices and agree to fill more dates for them; we ask that you let us know the dates that you agree to fill in for that office, or apply on Biteline so that we can mark that job as “filled.”

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To request assistance from our Support team, please submit the form and a representative will be in touch within 24 hours.