Finding a Temp

//Finding a Temp

Finding a Temp

It’s Sunday night, you’re settled on the couch, drinking a glass of wine, preparing to turn off the T.V. and head to bed. Suddenly, you hear little footsteps coming down the stairs. It’s 9 PM … your kids are NOT supposed to be up. “Mommy…my tummy hurts.”


You have a full day of clinic tomorrow, and the doctor will NOT be happy to cancel a load of patients if you can’t make it in. You’re the only hygienist on staff and the doc relies on you to keep the days moving forward.

What do you do?

Naturally, you first call up your good friend and former colleague to see if she’d be interested in coming in last minute to cover your shift the next day. Straight to voicemail … guess retirement allows you to be in bed by 9:30 on a Sunday night…

Well what about your other friend at the office down the street? She only works two days a week, maybe she can come in!

“I’m SO sorry, but I won’t be able to cover you tomorrow – my son has a play in school and I’m going to see it!”

Okay. Time to log into Facebook.


It’s 11 PM now, you’ve gotten one like on your post, but no comments and no messages … what do you do?



Introducing … BITELINE

We’ve seen you’re pain, and know the frustrations of finding last minute help. And now, there is finally a solution. Biteline has created an application that connects dental professionals INSTANTLY.

No more will you be stuck combing the web or calling your friends for hours!

No more will your job be on the line when you are unable to find a last minute temp!

No more will you have to cancel an afternoon clinic when a temp underperforms or doesn’t show up!

Using Biteline, dental professionals of any kind (RDHs, DAIs, DAIIs, Dentists, Specialists) are able to build a detailed profile outlining their experience, certifications, specialties, and preferences and connect instantly with other professionals in your area. When a full-time employee or an office posts a job, qualified candidates with transparent resumes will apply in minutes.

Sort and screen candidates based on your practice’s specific needs – Eaglesoft? Dentrix? Must have skill in fabricating temporary crowns and bridges? 3+ years of experience? You can customize your post to find the perfect fit in your area. When your temp shows up ready to work, feel at ease knowing you’ve found the perfect one. Pay them as you normally would, and log back into Biteline to provide a review or recommendation.

“But wait, Will, I’m a full-time temporary worker! What about me????”

Don’t worry, Biteline offers you the chance to market yourself as you’ve never before. Say goodbye to door-to-door office visits handing out flyers; build your personal profile to represent the best, and most professional, version of yourself. Grow your network by temping at offices throughout your area, and gain credibility by receiving 5-star reviews or outstanding recommendations.

Biteline’s original solution provides a working experience like never before. Streamline and control employment with just the click of the button. Oh, you’ve found someone you want to hire full-time? That’s great! Biteline will never charge finder’s fees.

Join us today and help build a network of qualified, motivated, and happy dental professionals in your community. Through Biteline, we can create a more positive environment for everyone.

For more information, or to get involved, contact Will Naso at

Register in under a minute today. Good luck!

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