What should I bring to my shift?2018-10-15T19:56:36+00:00

A valid photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, etc.) and state license.

Are there any penalties for cancelling a shift?2018-10-15T20:06:55+00:00

If you’ve applied to a position and haven’t received an offer, no problem! You can easily withdraw your application.

If you’ve receivedĀ an offer at your specified rate, you are obligated to be present for work. It is important to communicate with the practice to ensure you have the correct location. Remember that if you cancel on short notice, you are negatively affecting that practice and could receive a negative review. If you must miss a shift, ensure you contact the office immediately to inform them.

How is Biteline different than a staffing agency?2018-10-15T20:09:40+00:00

Biteline does not take a cut of your hourly rate. There are no non-competes, no finder’s fees, and no contracts. We’re a platform that connects dental offices with professionals looking for temporary, part-time, or full-time work. Professionals are not employees of Biteline, but we make a pretty good matchmaker, if we do say so ourselves!

How do I get paid?2018-10-15T20:11:52+00:00

Every office is different! You will not receive payment from Biteline upon completing your work. It is the responsibility of the hiring practice to compensate you for services provided. Some offices will write a check at the end of the day, others will send them in the mail. Remember, if an office does not or is late to pay you, ensure you write a detailed review! Biteline works by building an accountable community for everyone.

How do Biteline’s performance ratings work?2018-10-15T20:14:30+00:00

Both professionals and offices who work together through the Biteline platform can communicate their experience after a work assignment is complete. This rating system is constructive and helps both sides make informed decisions when it comes to offering and accepting work in the future. An excellent rating on Biteline may provide professionals the ability to request higher rates!

Is Biteline a staffing agency?2018-10-15T20:17:25+00:00

Not at all! Biteline connects practices to potential hires in your area. There are no contracts, no finder’s fees, and no surcharges. Whether your office finds a temporary or permanent hire through Biteline – there is no charge and no obligation.

How long will it take for a posted job to receive applications?2018-10-15T20:19:27+00:00

In some cases, users will respond within minutes of a job post going live. However, other factors will affect the interest your post will receive from professionals, including offered rate, office location, hours, and dates. The more transparent information you can offer in your job post, the better.

How and why is my office being rated?2018-10-15T20:22:24+00:00

Biteline seeks to build an accountable community for all. After completing a job, professionals have the option to review practices about their experience. This includes, office culture, cleanliness, and team atmosphere; timely payment procedures; and accuracy of job post to actual working experience. Each review is processed by Biteline administrators before being posted publicly. Posts with excessively negative content, personal attacks, or inappropriate language will be followed up on by Biteline staff.

How do I pay the professional I hire?2018-10-15T20:23:41+00:00

Biteline does not ask anyone for personal financial information. Simply pay your professional in the manner your are accustomed to, whether that be writing a check on the spot or sending one in the mail at a later date – it is up to you.

Does Biteline need my credit card information?2018-10-15T20:26:48+00:00

Absolutely not! Biteline will never require you to input your credit card or banking information to create an account. Down the line if you’d like to upgrade your services or features, you may elect to do so! But for now – everything stays free.

Why does Biteline ask for my personal address?2018-10-15T20:27:28+00:00

Great question. Our software uses location-based search. We show opportunities or candidates up to 200 miles away from you. If you aren’t comfortable sharing this information, feel free to input a local landmark’s address. Perhaps a supermarket, library, or favorite restaurant near you.

Why should I upload a picture to my profile?2018-10-15T20:28:12+00:00

Studies have shown that applicants who provide a professional photo of themselves often stand out to employers. We encourage profile pictures to improve your chances of finding top-quality jobs! Additionally, for job posters, applicants are more comfortable applying to postings when they can put a face to the name – they increase accountability for all!

If you do not have a professional headshot, please reach out to info@biteline.net and we will do our best to find a local resource near you to help you out!

I’m a full-time employee and I’m worried that my employer will see I am on the network…can I browse anonymously?2018-10-15T20:15:28+00:00

You may! Biteline offer’s the ability to turn profiles anonymous. Under the “Profile” section within the Biteline application, select “Private Profile” and click “Save Changes”! You are now anonymous. Job posters will not see your name as a potential candidate.