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FAQ's for Practices

With a community of over 2,500 dental pros, Biteline is your premier dental-only professional network. We’re a trusted and affordable option for area practice owners to connect to outstanding dental talent quickly and efficiently to fill needs, so you can serve patients, families, and your community.  

Our big goal? Support dental pros in pursuing happy, healthy, more financially independent lives.

Currently, we are only available in the greater Charlotte area; keep an eye out though – we will expand to more U.S. locations within the year.

Biteline Plus is our premium hiring solution. With this plan, you can post unlimited temporary and permanent job listings, and hire as many professionals as you need, with personal recruitment support from our team. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. You also gain full access to Biteline’s “Discover People” feature to find candidates based on their updated availability within the app, unlimited messaging and downloading of candidates’ résumés, and the ability to save your favorite profiles to create your own digital rolodex. We are constantly adding new features exclusively for Biteline Plus subscribers, so subscribe today to lock in the best price!

Biteline Standard is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to post temporary or permanent job listings risk free, with no upfront charge. For each fill-in found through Biteline you pay $80 – but don’t worry, you don’t be charged until after your job is filled and you are 100% satisfied. When you post a job we will send real time push notifications to dental professionals in your area, and provide personalized SMS and direct message job promotion to help get your job filled.

When you post a job, our app automatically matches you with professionals based on their realtime availability calendar. From this list of matches, you have the option to download their résumé, send them a direct message, or send them an offer. Your job listing will also be assigned to a personal recruiter who will start working immediately to connect your job post with local available professionals. We promote temp opportunities both inside (e.g. custom push notifications and job search results) and outside the Biteline app (e.g. text & direct message recruitment).

You’ll receive email alerts as professionals apply to your job listing. If you download the Biteline app on your phone, you may opt into push notifications as well. Local professionals will apply with their profile, a brief cover letter, and their desired hourly rate. Send an offer to the best choice and message them in-app to discuss the job details.

Biteline does not process payments between offices and dental pros. We respect the relationship between the individual practice and professional, so that these parties can negotiate and decide upon an agreeable rate and payment schedule.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer bulk post discounts. However, with Biteline Standard, you can post unlimited job listings risk free – you only pay when your job is successfully filled and you are 100% satisfied. If you are debating between Biteline Plus and Biteline Standard, schedule a quick 15 minute demo with us, so we can answer any questions and make sure you’re comfortable and clear about choosing the right option.

  • Dental pros you find through Biteline are not employees or independent contractors at Biteline. A staffing firm typically will have a handful of professionals on their payroll and will place them in offices who request a temp. This approach can result in hefty hourly surcharges applied to your bill and limits your involvement in the professional vetting process.

  • Biteline takes a community approach that allows us to more reliably fill your temporary openings and keep unnecessary expenses low for both you and the professional. With access to a community of over 2,500 dental pros in the greater Charlotte area, your job opportunity will receive unmatched local visibility at a fraction of the price.

  • Staffing firms get a bad rap – they’re powerful support systems. Having a single point of contact and someone to rely on as you navigate often complex temporary hiring is important. Biteline Plus subscribers not only are assigned a personal recruiter, they also have the option of engaging in temporary hiring planning.
For Biteline Plus subscribers, we hate to see you go, but if you want to end your membership simply send an email to You may also visit the billing section on the Biteline app to easily cancel at any time – no cancellation fees or strings attached. Your feedback is important to us! Before you cancel, we’d love 5-10 minutes of your time via phone or email to learn more about how we can make Biteline a better experience for you.

Biteline does not currently handle payment to dental professionals; you can pay them directly using whichever method your office prefers or is recommended by your accountant. 

Yes; we recommend that you send a message or call the dental professional prior to the job date to ensure that they are fully prepared.

We understand that some offices prefer to stay anonymous during their hiring process. We don’t recommend doing so because most dental professionals like to know the name of the office prior to applying; however, you can contact and we can create an anonymous post for you in certain cases.

We understand that spit happens and fill-in dental professionals are needed within short notice. We recommend posting a job for that day, in addition to contacting our Customer Success department so that we can help recruit for you. We can not guarantee that we can find a dental professional for you that day, but we will do our best to help fill the job. 

We love it when our offices build relationships with professionals; we ask that you mark those jobs as filled on Biteline, or let us know of the additional agreed upon dates, so that we can recruit accordingly. And don’t forget to leave your pros a good review!

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