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Digital Dentistry and the rise of 3D printing.

Digital Dentistry

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The future is bright

Dentistry has come a long way since beeswax fillings and hog hair toothbrushes – and we’ve really kicked things up a notch in the 21st century. Enter: digital dentistry and the rise of 3D printing.

But digital dentistry? Dentistry is a hands-on practice, so how does software factor into screenings?

From scalers to scanners, here’s how the dental industry is making the most of the computer age.

– soon, there may not even be a need for mouthfuls of messy mush. And these scans also streamline the process of creating dentures, veneers, and implants.

Smile solutions

Were you one of those lucky kids to have a mouth full of metal? (#BraceFace, anyone?)

While metal braces are still around, we’ve definitely seen a rise in the popularity of invisible aligners – think Invisalign, Byte, SmileDirectClub. It’s become its own industry, really – and while these companies use a combination of both mold-based impressions and mouth scanning, it’s the 3D printing that shines here. Dentists can pop out aligners and send them to patients, and then use the software to take it from there!

Those scans also make for a much more comfortable experience for patients – soon, there may not even be a need for mouthfuls of messy mush. And these scans also streamline the process of creating dentures, veneers, and implants.

Efficiency & experience upgrades

No surprise here – a quick mouth scan is a less stressful, more satisfactory experience for patients, but also for dental professionals. Digital dentistry can work wonders for your office’s workflow. From the dental chair, to the lab, to the printer and back – the computerization of the dental work experience can really kick up productivity levels.

And that means saving some moo-lah. It cuts down on production costs, saving money for dental offices, and saving money for patients – they’ll be more likely to schedule those screenings and follow-ups, which will positively support their overall dental hygiene. (And which lightens your load and makes your job easier!)

It’s a win-win.

So, what’s next?

Digital dentistry also points to restorative dentistry – it gets to the root of the problem, and focuses on preserving and, of course, restoring teeth to their natural state. And the rise of digital dentistry and 3D printing secures some excitement for the future of the industry. What materials and solutions will pop up next?

Biteline believes in innovation – new solutions for old problems. That’s why this new approach to dentistry brings a smile to our faces.

And who knows? Maybe the next big dental trend will be a dental scanning app.

It would definitely make an impression.



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