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Get to know one of our favorite dental hygienists: Kristi Berger

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Here at Biteline, we meet a lot of dental hygienists, each with different personal backgrounds, professional experiences, and career goals.

But they all come to Biteline with one thing in common: to connect with a dental office that’s their ‘perfect match.’

The Biteline experience is different for each user; whether it’s a dental office looking for a temporary fill-in hygienist, or a hygienist looking for their more permanent workplace.

Whichever user you are, we can guarantee Biteline will make the job search process easy, exciting, and stress-free.

Just ask Kristi Berger, one of the many members of Charlotte’s ever-growing dental hygienist family. Kristi used Biteline when searching for a mid-career temp position, and quickly learned how much it adds to the job search process.

Kristi’s had a pretty awesome career so far. And since dental hygienists like Kristi are exactly what makes up the heart of Biteline, we wanted to get to know her a little better. So, that’s exactly what we did.

Biteline: What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

Kristi Berger (KB): I would say my favorite thing about my job is the ability to build relationships with my patients. I love working with people, and dental hygiene has allowed me to meet wonderful people on a daily basis. I love that I can truly connect with my patients while helping them to improve and stay informed on their oral health. I love finding out things I have in common with my patients, chatting about a great new book or movie, seeing pictures of their families or just having great conversations.

Biteline: What do you love about the industry?

KB: I love being in an industry where I get to be a part of making people feel more confident within their smiles.

Biteline: What’s the dental community in Charlotte like?

KB: The dental community in Charlotte is pretty tight knit (the dental hygiene community, especially). There are multiple social media groups and study groups that help keep us connected. A lot of my classmates from dental hygiene school still practice in the Charlotte area, and the majority of us still keep in touch.

Biteline: You used Biteline to help you find temp gigs while you were between offices; was it effective? Did it allow you to find jobs?

KB: Yes! Biteline was definitely effective in helping me find temp work when I was filling in. I found it very easy to keep my schedule booked when I was temping full-time. The app was easy to use and I liked that I was able to use a variety of different filters when searching for jobs.

Biteline: What advice would you give to any new dental hygienists just beginning their careers? Both about finding jobs, and being a great RDH?

KB: The biggest advice I would give a new dental hygienist just beginning their career is to not be afraid to fill in at many different offices right when you graduate. This will give you the opportunity to discover what you are looking for in an office and also what you don’t want. Every office is so different and it’s all about finding the right fit. Don’t get discouraged if the first office you work in doesn’t end up being your forever job; you will eventually find your dental home 🙂

And if you’re looking for your dental home, you’ve come to the right place.

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