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Biteline, LLC

Community Standards

Welcome to Biteline! 

We are so glad you’re here; we hope this platform and our community provide you with opportunities to grow, thrive, and succeed in a whole new way. 

As part of Biteline, we ask that you read, understand, and adhere to our Community Standards. 

These Community Standards are values, expectations, and practices by which we hold ourselves accountable to each other. They are how we guarantee we show up as trusted professionals in the dental industry. 

Here’s what you can expect from us – and what we expect from you. 

What You Can Expect From Biteline

  • Access to Biteline’s community of the best dentists, offices, and dental pros 
  • We’re your biggest fan – we’re happy to serve as your advocate for your career 
  • Professional resources, advancement, tips and tricks 
  • Career coaching and advice 
  • Confirmation and reminders for your upcoming jobs
  • Job flexibility that fits your preferences and availability
  • Personal connection, respect, and positivity  

What we expect from you

  • Top-tier professional etiquette in the hiring/training and engagement process  
  • Clean, pressed, solid-colored scrubs when reporting for your engagement
  • Willingness, eagerness, and positivity to serve this respective office and their patients 
  • Day before confirmation of agreed-upon bookings with the engagement
  • Early arrival to each engagement – and manage your time wisely on site
  • Give 48 hours notice if, for some reason, you are unable to fulfill your commitment
  • All communication – whether it be written via the app, email, text, or paper or spoken via phone or in-person –  is clear, well-written, timely, and respectful 



Unfortunately, there are situations where a user (dental professional or office/practice) violates a Biteline term, condition, or community standard/practice. If that is the case, Biteline reserves the right to dismiss you from the platform and community. 

Please review the violation(s) and the appropriate penalties. 

Special note: Any penalty may be appealed to the Biteline Ethics Committee within 10 business days after receipt of official violation letter.

Violation Banned User Policy
2 no shows or last minute cancellations within a 30 day period
30 Day Suspension from Biteline
3 no shows or last minute cancellations within a 30 day period; OR 2 complaints from Offices regarding conduct, professionalism, or services provided
90 Day Suspension from Biteline
3 no shows + 2 complaints; OR any discriminatory, abusive, or coercive messaging or communications related to a Biteline job (either with an Office, Professional, Employer, or Biteline Team Member)
Indefinite / permanent dismissal from Biteline