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Carly Clark RDH

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RDH Carly Clark has been an important and special voice in our focus groups over the last several months; her experience and insight as a full-time temp have become an important part of how we design and launch new concepts to support our community, concepts like the Calendar Feature. 


In this Q&A, meet Carly and feel the inspo:


Biteline Team (BT): Why did you get started in dentistry? 

Carly Clark (CC): When I was six years old, I fell in love with dentistry from my orthodontist. I decided I wanted to be a hygienist.

BT: What keeps you interested, engaged, excited about the dental industry?
CC: How research and products are ever changing, and how that we can improve patient care as well as their experience or improve our profession.

BT: Describe a favorite career moment – either one game-changing moment or perhaps a favorite moment that happens daily or weekly. 

CC: When patients come in scared, nervous or sad, and they leave feeling much better – not only just about their teeth, but also about their concerns or situation.

BT: Three great things about temping you want the world to know? ‘

CC: Flexibility; keep your computer skill variety sharp; no office drama!

BT: Best piece of advice you’d give a new RDH who is interested in learning more about temping or going full-time temp? 

CC: Read my e-book called, Temp Me Out; it’s available on Amazon – it will tell you the good and bad. You will then know if you are ready. It’s also a great way for a new RDH to find out what kind of office they really like or are a good fit for!

BT: Best advice you’d give to your younger self.

CC: Daily stretching and exercising is important for us to stay healthy in this field.


BT: Favorite or most important life or career lesson learned over the last year. 

CC: I am thankful for temping. There is always a need for us, and we really fill that gap and void needed in the profession. 

Remember, check out Carly’s book available on Amazon. Access it here

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