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Our Weekly Bite

What we have been working on in Biteline

What started out as a chair-side conversation with a dental hygienist one day in summer 2016 is now Charlotte, N.C.’s #1 dental jobs provider.

8 Moves You Can Make Now to Reclaim Control

By Matthew L. Hubis, DMD PA, River District Smiles There’s no question that this time is unprecedented, overwhelming, daunting, confusing. It’s common to feel out


How to Survive the Holiday End-Of-Year Rush

Dental offices are hitting their end-of-year rush and finding themselves overbooked and understaffed. Whether you’re a temp looking to make some extra holiday cash, or you’re an office simply trying to survive, we’re here to help.

Dentist taking care of a patient

How to Deal With a Difficult Patient

Visiting the dentist can be a big ordeal for some patients, which can generate strong emotions. Here are five tips for dealing with a difficult patient in the best way possible.

Mary Gugluizza profile picture

Meet Mary: A Conversation with Biteline’s Newest Member

As Biteline’s first true hire, Mary has been a fundamental part of our launch here in Charlotte. Read our latest Q&A to learn more about the face behind Biteline’s operations and her thoughts on our 300 user goal.