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Our favorite ways to stretch it out in Charlotte

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Our favorite ways to stretch it out in Charlotte

Ah, back pain. We know it all too well.

Working long hours stooped over a dental chair can take its toll. Or swiveling on a saddle chair. Or hunched over a keyboard – somebody has to do that paperwork. But even if the scenery changes from job to job, the pain can be persistent.

So be proactive! 

Here are some of our best ideas for stretching it out in the Queen City.

Embrace your inner yogi

We love a yoga class! You can practice mindful movement (and hopefully kick some of those neck and back kinks), but also meditate and reflect. You can calm your mind after, or before, a long day of screening patients – which can be rewarding, but stressful. And it can make you stiffen up pretty quickly.

So what’s the best kind of yoga class? We’re personally fans of the free, community-based ones – so grab a group of RDHs and head to a class after work to loosen up at the end of day, or round out your weekend with a sunrise stretch sesh.

If consistency is your thing, keep an eye on the events calendar for Habitual Roots – a nonprofit organization that believes in connecting the community through mindfulness practices. Meet up with some friends at Freedom Park – they offer an all-levels yoga class every Wednesday at 6:30pm. And then head over to Kid Cashew or Bad Daddy’s for dinner and drinks. 

If you’re more of a morning person, they also offer classes in the park at 9:30am on Saturdays and Sundays – but if you’re hoping to release the tension before a long day of work, go to The Giddy Goat for a sunrise stretch and a cup of coffee!

The Harvey B. Gantt Center also has Yoga on the Rooftop on Sundays, so you can soak in the skyline while you stretch it out (it’s free for members, but bring 10 bucks if you’re new!). If you’re more of a fan of natural scenery, you can unwind at the Whitewater Center any weekday at 6:30pm.

So inhale; exhale; relax.

Take a hike

Want to stretch your legs, but burn a few extra calories? Charlotte has plenty of trails to try out, from the urban Rail Trail to the woodsy Four Mile Creek Greenway – or you can work your way through parts of the Carolina Thread Trail

To step it up even further, plan a hike at Crowders Mountain or take a day trip to Stone Mountain State Park. Breathe in the fresh air and let nature nurture your mind and body; it’s not only good for your back – it’s good for your brain!

Try something new

Tried all the yoga classes? Tested all the trails? Maybe try something new and trendy. StretchLab is a new kind of therapy, where professional practitioners assist in a customized stretching session; you can relieve pain or improve flexibility – so you can be proactive and prevent it in the future. And you can always book an appointment with one of the many Charlotte area chiropractors.

When it comes to being a dental hygienist, pain can be part of the job. It’s worth it to bring a smiling face to your lovely patients, but make sure to practice some self-care, too!

Relieve the stress; release the tension.

And when in doubt, stretch it out!

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