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Introducing the Endorsement Feature

biteline endorsement feature

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Meet the Biteline App’s Newest Feature: The Endorsement Feature

Since day one, the Biteline team has been fully committed to bringing our community the latest in innovative thinking, technology, and features that set you up for personal and professional success.

We’re excited to tell you that Biteline version 2.8 – our latest and greatest, friends – has a new feature: The Endorsement Feature.

What’s the Endorsement Feature?


What’s an endorsement, you ask? Don’t let the word scare you – what we’re talking about is a recommendation; a professional vote of confidence for YOU and your skills from a former employer or colleague who can’t say enough good things about you, how you work, and/or your impact on patients, the team, or the office’s bottom line.

We added the ability for you to share your Biteline profile with whomever you like regardless of whether he or she is a Biteline user. Why’d we do that? Simple. So that you can easily share a link to request an endorsement from anyone in our professional network. Which means anyone, from any point in your life or career – perhaps an undergrad professor, your first boss, a fellow RDH who now lives out of state – can recommend you for a job.

Here’s why we’re really excited about this 

  1. ALL EYES ON YOU: When you and your profile receive an endorsement, everyone will be able to see it in your profile which means all future employers can read it. This feature is about letting you and your profile SHINE. 

  2. TOO LEGIT TO QUIT: The 1990s adage is true; legitimacy adds a certain professional weight and credibility to the hiring process. Endorsements are critical to building that legitimacy, so that people who do not yet know you, know that you are a professional who is skilled, trusted, and a legit hire because others have said so.

  3. ENDORSEMENTS PAY OFF: Endorsements and recommendations are critical to the hiring process – especially in the dental pro industry. They’re important because they do three critical things: 1) They give a potential employer real-world insight into why or how you’re qualified; 2) That ‘social qualification factor’ is key into identifying who you are and what you’re all about quickly; 3) That insight will make them feel more confident in hiring you. If the goal is to get hired, endorsements are a critically important element to make someone feel more comfortable and confident in YOU and your skill.

Some special notes.


  • Endorsements can be short, sweet, and powerful; 5-6 well-written and valuable sentences can say a lot; please tell your endorser that this is not a letter or recommendation – merely a statement or paragraph, at most. 
  • Your privacy and safety is important to us – as is that of your endorser, so their contact information will be kept private. On that note, too, your endorser has the ability to submit and include his/her name, job title, and company or office name though the job title and company are optional, again, to protect their privacy. 
  • You will have the ability to hide some endorsements, so don’t worry if you don’t love what someone wrote about you. You have the ability to manage endorsements.

So, what makes a great endorser?

If you’re trying to decide who to ask for an endorsement, here are three rules of thumb for that process: 

  1. The natural choice here are the people who have seen you in action: Think about asking your managers and colleagues first. 
  1. Think about who among your managers and colleagues will be able to share valuable insights about YOU – who knows you well, who knows your skills or talents well, who has been supportive and complimentative of you and your work. 
  2. We love our family; we love our friends. HOWEVER, they’re not the people to ask for a professional recommendation or endorsement.

What makes for a great endorsement?

Every endorsement will have a different voice and spin to it, but some things to ask your endorser might address: 

  • How they know you and/or how long you worked together; 
  • What’s unique or special about your skills and talents; 
  • What’s unique or special about your character or how you work; 
  • What you bring to a team, office, or business; 
  • Why they recommend you or why they’re confident you are a great hire; 
  • If applicable, a good or relevant example or story of you and your work.

Endorsements have always been a powerful point of reference in the hiring process. With the Endorsement Feature, Biteline has made it just that much easier for you to grab an endorsement and feature it on your profile. Our goal is always the same – we want you to get hired. But even more so, we want you to feel confident in the value you bring to the table, or in this case, the dental office. An endorsement from someone who knows your value is the icing on the cake.

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