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How to put your best foot forward when designing a Biteline profile/online presence

Well, no two hygienists are exactly the same; you have your own training, skills, communication styles, and personality that make you unique, and awesome.

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The dental community is filled with hundreds of smart cookies, with years of experience and expertise. And you’re probably one of them.


But it might be pretty overwhelming to learn just how many hygienists appear to be just like you (Are you picturing a line of a thousand identical white-coat blue-mask professionals being picked out by a crane at random one by one?) It’s not quite that extreme, but there are a lot of talented hygienists out there. So, why should an office pick you?


Well, whether you believe it or not, no two hygienists are exactly the same; you have your own training, skills, communication styles, and personality that make you unique, and awesome.


And with an app like Biteline, you can make your online presence enhance all those qualities that make you one-of-a-kind, as a dental hygienist and as a person. Here are a few tips to do just that.


Be 110% honest


Trust us, catfishing can apply to both the dating world and dental industry alike. 


Even if you’re not using a completely different identity to trick your reader, there are dangers of even a little embellishing or bending the truth on your profile. If you’re hired for a job requiring knowledge or skills far beyond what you have, you’re just going to end up confused, frazzled, and wishing you used Biteline just a little longer to land the job perfectly suited for you


Besides, you already have the skills and experience to be an awesome hygienist, so highlight what you have learned and done, and your profile will shine — like your teeth.


Let your profile tell a story 


Think about it. If you were in the employer’s shoes, desperately looking for the perfect hygienist to complete the office, which would draw you in: the profile with a few key facts, making you take time to dig further to discover if they’re even qualified, or the name-in-lights, rich-with-detail profile that oozes personality and, hopefully, ticks all the boxes? (Hint, it’s not the first one). 


Okay, so you probably don’t want your profile to be a personal memoir with 400 word paragraphs on each experience that led you to where you are today. But, you want your employer to finish reading your profile with a pretty good sense of who you are as both a hygienist and a human. Whether that’s a few sentences in your bio describing a personal experience that sparked your interest in the dental industry, or a fun yet professional anecdote to provide a sense of the personality behind the scrubs, make sure your profile doesn’t leave your employer needing to search for more. 


Be active and responsive


A profile that hasn’t been touched since the birth of Biteline suggests two things: 1) the candidate has found a new hiring platform, position, or even career or 2) the candidate isn’t that opportunity-hungry, eager hygienist that an office is really looking for (if you aren’t investing time and energy in you job search, how much time and energy will you invest in the rest of the job?) 


Updating your profile as your interests, experiences, and even testimonials change will make sure the employer knows exactly who they’re hiring. And responding regularly can make the employment process both engaging and efficient. After all, you don’t want to check your profile a month too late and find out you could have landed your dream job, but you didn’t respond to the message.


You want to be absolutely certain that an office is picking you not at random, but for what makes your practice really unique. And with these 3 tips, you’re guaranteed to have a profile that really shows just how one-of-a-kind you really are, so you can land that job you’ve always wanted.


Read more fun facts, expert advice, and dental industry news on the Biteline blog.
And don’t forget to share with your dental friends! 


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