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9 Ways to spice up your morning meeting

Morning Meeting

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9 5-minute activities to spice up your morning meeting

Morning Meetings. Necessary, but sometimes monotonous. Of course it’s important to touch base with your team, clarify your daily agenda, maintain communication – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it! Try some of these 5-minute activities to wake up your brain and get the group together:

Two Truths and a Lie

Let’s take it back to summer camp. Do you remember playing “two truths and a lie?” Come up with three facts about yourself, 2 true and 1 false, and share them with your team members. Go around the room and try to guess everyone’s lie – you’ll learn a little bit more about the people you work with. But make it tricky – no one’s going to believe you trained to become an astronaut. (Or did you, Lance Bass?)

Musical Chairs

Another old-school favorite. Grab some chairs and throw on some 90s hip-hop or pop from the early aughts. It’ll get your team up and moving, and hopefully provide a little stress relief and spark a smile that will last the rest of the day.

Sticky Solutions 

Stuck without a solution? Grab a stack of post-its and find a blank wall, table, even an empty space on the floor. Take five minutes for everyone to brainstorm and jot their ideas down on a sticky note – and when you’re done, you can shift and move those notes – and hopefully shake out the next best idea!

Strike a Convo

Striving to make your fellow dental pros feel less like co-workers and more like teammates? Get to know each other better with some quick convo starters. What’s your favorite color? What’s the last movie you watched? What’s the farthest you’ve ever travelled? Your team might be more interesting than you ever thought – and you might even find something in common besides the dental profession.

Office Superlatives

So let’s say you do know your teammates pretty well – take a few minutes to vote on office superlatives. Just like in highschool. Best Dressed – who really rocks those scrubs? Class clown – who’s the jokester? Best smile – well, that could be a point of contention.

Personal and Professional

To keep things a bit more serious, go around the room and have each person share two sentences – one personal and one professional accomplishment from the past week. It’s always a good time to cheer your people on, and you might even find a reason for a cupcake celebration. (Or maybe something a little less sugar-y).

Healthy Debates

A little competition is always fun, and can help bond the team. Split your group into two low-stakes sides: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Whitney vs. Mariah. Two minutes to brainstorm, two to make your case, and one for the chosen judge to rule the winner!

Stretch Sesh

A long day in the chair can take its toll on your body. Start the morning with a quick stretch sesh – and maybe even some meditation – to prepare for the day.

5-Minute Meeting

The best 5-minute activity for a morning meeting? A 5-minute meeting. There are times when you really need to have longer, more thorough conversations – but when you don’t, you don’t. So when you can cut things short, do it – everyone will appreciate it!

We all know that morning meetings can be a bit boring, but we also know that they have to happen – so shake things up and have a little fun while you sip your coffee (through a straw, of course – don’t stain those pearly whites!)

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