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2020 highlights & lessons learned from the Biteline team

Biteline Team
the dental industry, like everything else in the world, was rocked this year. Biteline wasn’t immune to that. But we doubled down on our mission.

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Hey, remember that two-week quarantine that turned into…an entire year?


The chaos and uncertainty of this year haven’t been easy for anyone. But for the leaders behind the startups that we love so much, this year has heavily consisted of eyes glued to the morning news shows, emails, carrier pigeons, and every other information input that may or may not be delivering fate.

Every business handled this year differently. Some did their best to dodge whatever 2020 could throw at them, scrambling and grasping onto any sliver of hope available. Others completely pivoted their business and ended up doing better than they ever had. And some did a pretty impressive mix of the two.

You might be wondering how Biteline weathered the storm. If so, you’re in luck.

We recently sat down with our CEO Will Naso, who had some insights about everything that 2020 was, from its highlights to its lessons (the most important lesson being: sometimes things don’t go the way you’d hope).

Biteline: Describe 2020 in 5 words or less.

Will Naso (WN): I definitely didn’t expect it.

Biteline: What were some highlights for Biteline in 2020?

WN: The dental industry, like everything else in the world, was rocked this year. Biteline wasn’t immune to that. But we doubled down on our mission – to build a product that not only relieves the stress of finding your professional match in an office or provider, but also one that is shaped by the community that anchors it.

2020 included the launch of our profile searching portal, Discover People, in March. It was filled with incredible conversations with dental pros, leading to real, valuable improvements to our app. It ended with a successful investment round and the hiring of our new Technical Lead, Hank Conn.

Biteline: Any lessons learned in 2020?

WN: Sometimes things don’t go the way you’d hope. A pretty bland realization, but I’m glad this year that even in the worst moments or when faced with the hardest decisions – we didn’t give in. We recommitted to our belief that the dental community is desperately looking for better and new ways to connect over their shared passion for what they do. Their careers mean the world to them and that was highlighted in 2020.

Biteline: What are you most excited about for 2021?

WN: I’m really excited for some of the new features and improvements coming to the Biteline app. With Hank joining the team, we’re putting together all the amazing input we’ve received since our launch back in July 2019 to create what this industry needs in an online professional community.

Like many others, Biteline was certainly handed some high highs and some low lows this year. But considering we’re still hanging in there, we’re one of the lucky ones. 

Well, lucky, and made up of a pretty awesome and resilient team.

A team that, as Will tells us, has a lot to look forward to in 2021.

We’re excited to see how Biteline continues to grow and shape the industry around us. For more insights from Will, check out our interview with him on what life at a startup is really like.


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