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Biteline: The Only Time & Cost Effective Solution For Temp Staffing

How Biteline Works

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Let’s say you own or manage a dental office, and it’s a Monday morning.

You’ve had a relaxing weekend with the family, and you’re ready to hit the ground running for the week; You’ve got a full schedule of patients, and you can’t wait to give them all excellent care.

Then you get a message from one of your dental hygienists scheduled to work three days that week — she’s got a family emergency, and won’t be able to make it to any of her shifts.


What are your options? Aside from calling to cancel all of your patients and cut your losses, which no one wants, you’d probably try one of three things:

Pull out your office list of hygienists who’ve temped for you before, and go down the list one-by-one, giving each a call to see who is available. (Not unlike a parent from a 90s sitcom or movie who runs through the roster of babysitters to see who can fill in last-minute so they don’t have to cancel date night.)

Hop into a Facebook group for dental professionals and post that you’re hoping to hire a temp RDH ASAP, and then be burdened with monitoring Facebook in hopes that someone comments or sends a DM, then go back and forth on the details. (And maybe still not have any luck.)

Call a local staffing agency to see if they can find someone to send it, but have very little control over the quality and experience of the candidate; You get what you get, and it probably won’t be cheap.

None of these are ideal, or even desirable.

But lucky for you, the Tooth Fairy has a treat for you: A fourth option that removes all of the hassle for you.

Enter: Biteline.

Consider the same scenario. Monday morning. A full schedule of patients. Your RDH calls out. But this time, you don’t quite reach panic.

You hop on Biteline, post for a temp RDH, and…that’s it. You’re done. You get back to what you need to focus on while we get to work finding you an available, qualified RDH.

Who IS Biteline?

At its core, Biteline is a community of dental professionals dedicated to advancing and improving their careers, their offices, and their lives.

The skinny: We match dental offices with dental professionals. Our software provides professional matches for each temporary job posted, and behind the scenes, our team works quickly to direct available candidates to your opening.

When you post a job opening on Biteline, you’ll not only get access to our network of over 1,100 dental professionals in Charlotte; We’re also going to post in the appropriate Facebook groups, and on Facebook jobs, and manage all of the messaging with possible candidates.

Quite simply, we’re going to manage the recruiting for you and fill your role in as quickly as two hours. (No, really; We’ve filled roles with quality candidates that fast.)

How does Biteline work?

Biteline offers two options for posting temporary jobs: Post Once and Biteline PLUS.

For those weeks when you truly just need to fill a spot quickly, opt for Post Once. For one payement of $75, you can easily post a single position. We’ll leverage our network and Facebook recruiting to get it filled lickety-split.

If you find yourself needing to bring in talent on an ongoing basis, sign up for our monthly subscription: Biteline PLUS.

For $150/month, you’ll be able to:

  • Post unlimited positions;
  • Receive unlimited access to candidate profile searching;
  • Experience an even more concierge level of recruiting.

Who are the candidates?

There are over 250 RDH users and nearly 300 Dental Assistants in the Charlotte Biteline community. Since the launch of our app in July 2019, over 1,500 jobs have been posted to Biteline by 500+ offices in the Mecklenburg area alone. In the last two months alone, we filled 90% of temporary jobs posted.

Biteline profiles are displayed for easy review: You’ll be able to see each professional’s availability, desired hourly rate, and any specialty experience at first glance.

There you have it. An easy, efficient, and panic-free option, if you will.

Get started today by setting up your office’s profile – unless you just really love panic.


Read more fun facts, expert advice, and dental industry news on the Biteline blog.
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