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Biteline, the Online Hiring Platform & App for Dental Pros, Launches in Raleigh

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The popular app that connects dental pros to open opportunities expands to The Triangle

RALEIGH, N.C. Biteline launched to the Raleigh-Durham area and surrounding communities today, allowing dental hygienists, assistants, and dentists in The Triangle area to create profiles in less than one minute to connect with either open jobs or well-vetted dental professionals to fill them.    

Biteline is a proven and trusted solution to a significant problem that was made worse as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dental job market wastes over $4.5B due to antiquated staffing solutions and increasingly high turnover. The inefficiency of these systems was highlighted as the dental industry experienced shutdowns, furloughs, layoffs, and an increasing incidence of employee burnout, resignations, and fears related to exposure. 

After two years of office closures, extensive precautionary measures, and close patient monitoring, these primarily small businesses continue to face immense difficulty hiring, recruiting, and retaining advanced professional staff. According to the American Dental Association, as recently as February 2022, 33.9% of dental practices find it difficult to fill vacant staff positions, with 73.8% of dentists reporting that it is “extremely difficult” to recruit hygienists. Biteline was founded to address the widening gap between employers and talent within the dental industry, and currently supports a community of over 3,000 dental professionals in Charlotte, Charleston, and the Triad.

Started in Charlotte in July 2019, Biteline launched in Charleston, SC in late 2021 with immediate sales and local enthusiasm. The company’s recent growth in post-pandemic times is designed to support dental pros who are wondering what’s next for their practices and their careers. “With increasing success and support for our product and service in Charlotte, it’s both a responsibility and a privilege for Biteline to continue serving the dental industry during this time of heightened need,” says Will Naso, Biteline’s co-founder and CEO. “We’re excited to bring these opportunities and our technology to The Triangle.” 

Biteline’s technology evolves with user engagement and feedback. The company recently released the 4.0 version of the platform which includes enhancements to how dental pros build their professional profiles and interact with the review features. These improvements promise more engagement, information accuracy, and accountability. “Dental professionals finally have a stage to create a professional brand and have an online home for their career, complete with credentials, experiences, and reviews,” says Kristie Duff, Biteline’s Director of Sales and Business Development. “Biteline’s approach to talent and professional accountability is built to empower the dental workforce as not only individual contributors, but as a community.” 

“We built Biteline as a platform but also as a business strategy for our users because we knew they needed a tool that gives them a voice and a presence,” says Barclay McFadden, co-founder and Chairman. “Biteline is not only improving the dental industry, it’s allowing dental professionals to maximize their work and their personal and professional goals.”

About Biteline

Biteline is an online hiring platform and career community that connects dental pros to open opportunities, networking, and professional development. Learn more at www.biteline.net or check out the app in the App Store or on Google Play. For more information, please email CEO + co-founder Will Naso at wnaso@biteline.net. For press inquiries, please contact Meg Seitz at meg@biteline.net.

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