Biteline is live!!!!

//Biteline is live!!!!

Biteline is live!!!!

Biteline is officially live!!!!

We launched on Monday in the Charleston market and it has been a whirlwind of a week. Our goal was to on-board as many RDHs and CDAs who temps over a few weeks then start pushing for jobs… well we already have multiple jobs posted and filled, crazy!!!

In addition, professionals outside of Charleston have asked when Biteline is coming to their region… the answer is soon! If you are interested in helping launch a new market, let me know!!!

What’s exciting is to see the level of enthusiasm around what this can become. Lack of accountability and inefficient processes are everywhere…. we plan on solving that. We truly believe that Biteline will benefit temps, employees and managers / dentists. The key is reaching critical mass for Biteline to become a vibrant and active community within a region. We’re working hard to get there.

Thank you to everyone for the all the support!!!

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