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Behind the Bite Podcast

Chuck McKee

Chuck talks about the current PPE crisis, the safety of dental offices, and staffing challenges. From the beginning of his career, Chuck was passionate about healthcare, became a dental hygienist on the side, and is now an expert on dental supply.

Christi Bintliff

Christi talks about entrepreneurship in the dental industry, mentorship, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Christi and Will also focus on the importance of strategizing, networking, communicating, and adapting as a dental professional.

Rob Breault

Dr. Breault talks about the ups and downs he went through managing his practices during COVID-19, being transparent with his dental staff, and taking this time in his life to identify weaknesses and grow from them.

Emma Morris

This week’s episode of Behind the Bite features Emma Morris, an RDH who works full-time as an Ambassador Training and Sales Specialist Leader with BURST

Kristi Berger

Kristi Berger

Kristi talks about the realities of going back to work in the current environment, the increased PPE that she needs to feel comfortable .

Ben Shaver

Ben talks about the changing environment in the dental industry during COVID-19, leadership, teledentistry, and more.

Kimberly Gallagher

Talks her new reality at home, starting and growing a dental Facebook group, and the future of dental hygiene after COVID-19.

Debbi Viger

Talks Covid-19, career development and advice for dental pros.