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How updating your availability seals the deal

Biteline Availability

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Ready to sink your teeth into the next opportunity? Update your availability in the Biteline app!

It’s the fastest, easiest way to attract offers and land your next temporary or permanent position.

First, a refresher on how to update your availability:

  • Log in to your Biteline account in the app.
  • Go to your profile homepage.
  • Click “Availability”.
  • Select whether you are seeking a permanent or temporary job.
  • Select the distance you are willing to travel for work.
  • Select the days you are available on the calendar.

And remember, you are under no obligation to take any job offer.

So, how does updating your availability make things easier for you?

Here’s what happens:

Offices see when you are available, at a glance. You’re more likely to attract offices (and offers) when they can readily see when you are able to work – and then message you directly. It’s the fast track to landing your next position.

Our Customer Success team can see your availability. If you need any assistance in finding a job or contacting an office, we are happy to connect you – and advocate for you. We want professionals and offices to find the perfect fit, and we can make that happen.

You get the gig! 90% of professionals that update their availability find a job.

At Biteline, we value flexibility and freedom; we want you to take control of your career and set your schedule – on your terms.

Get ready to be your own boss.

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