How to keep your patients (and yourself) happy and healthy during Covid-19


A safe practice is a successful practice Variety is the spice of life, right? But when that variety comes in the form of Covid-19 strains, that spice turns a little sour. From OG Covid to Delta to Omicron, it seems like we’ve been living with this pandemic for a lifetime. But it’s not 2020 anymore […]

4 reasons temping is taking over the dental industry

Temping is changing the game The dental industry has a major problem: it’s running out of hygienists and assistants. Full-time hygienists and assistants, anyway – and that’s where temps come in. Temping has become more common for dental professionals – it offers unique advantages – and it’s changing the way we work and the way […]

Our go-to tips for setting goals and making them happen


Make the most of a fresh start It’s a new year, and a fresh start! January always seems to bring about new beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to set some goals and to visualize everything you want to accomplish in the coming year. But staying motivated and sticking to your plan isn’t always […]

2021: A big year for Biteline


Biteline’s biggest wins Is it just us, or does it seem nearly impossible that we’re already entering 2022?2021 has been a whirlwind, to say the least – but the best kind: busy, and full of progress.A lot has happened for us (and you!) at Biteline – So, here’s our three biggest wins this year: Fresh […]

Merry Christmas, Biteline!

Biteline Christmas

Happy Holidays! From our family to yours, we want to wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years. This season is one of our absolute favorites; the tradition, the magic, the wonder – and we hope you love it, too.  Here’s what makes the Biteline team smile about the holiday season! […]

50 questions to ask your patients: Holiday edition!


Strike a convo with these fun, festive convo-starters   As a dental pro, you know that building relationships with your patients is the key to being the best at your job – you want to be personable, and make a sometimes-stressful situation more comfortable for everyone. And what better way to get to know your […]

5 festive gift ideas guaranteed to spark a smile


It’s the season of giving! Glittery red ribbons and shiny snowflake-covered wrapping paper. Who doesn’t love the feeling of unwrapping a heartfelt gift chosen just for you? But let’s face it – as much as we may love receiving gifts, finding the right present to give can be a bit overwhelming. And this time of […]

Our 3 fave reasons to tack on an extra shift or two this holiday season

Temp RDH

‘Tis the season for temping! It’s officially the holiday season; an exciting, festive, fun-filled time – but also a chaotic, overwhelming, frenzied time. We love it, but sometimes it can just be… a lot – especially when you think about all the people you’ll be seeing, and all the gifts you’ll be buying. So, while […]

Dealing with Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

Expert Advice from the Pros: Dealing with Tooth Decay Tooth decay can be a pain – literally. As dental pros, you know that, fortunately, patients now have a variety of options for dealing with it, from addressing the root cause to cosmetic enhancement.  Our friends at River District Smiles Dentistry in Rock Hill S.C. are […]

Digital dentistry

Digital Dentistry

The future is bright Dentistry has come a long way since beeswax fillings and hog hair toothbrushes – and we’ve really kicked things up a notch in the 21st century. Enter: digital dentistry and the rise of 3D printing. But digital dentistry? Dentistry is a hands-on practice, so how does software factor into screenings? From […]

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated


Motivation (n): that thing that can be hard to find, but easy to lose. You know the feeling – the feeling of being inspired, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. But you also probably know that other feeling – the feeling of being burnt out, brain-fried, and just plain exhausted; the feeling of […]

Meet our partners: Kimberly Gallagher, RDH

Kimberly Gallagher RDH

Meet our partners: Kimberly Gallagher, RDH Kimberly Gallagher is one of our favorite partners at Biteline. She’s not only an experienced hygienist and dynamic saleswoman (of dental equipment, of course) – she’s a community leader. As the founder of an early dental industry networking group on Facebook, way back in 2010, she has always understood […]

Is work-life balance real?

Work Life Balance

Is work-life balance real? Ah, work-life balance – an elusive concept.  Is it really possible to achieve a healthy balance in today’s “do or die” workplace environment? And what does that look like as we approach a post-pandemic lifestyle? Or maybe the question should be: why do we see “work” and “life” as opposites –  […]

Our favorite places to grab a healthy meal after work


Our favorite places to grab a healthy meal after work It doesn’t take a dental professional to know that what you eat has a direct impact on your oral health – but you are one, so you probably know better than anyone just how important it is.   So, food is fuel – but food is […]

Ashka Shah: Meet Biteline’s Customer Success Director

Ashka Shah Headshot

Ashka Shah: Meet Biteline’s Customer Success Director What do science and business have in common? A lot, if you ask our Customer Success Director Ashka Shah. With an education in neuroscience, and a focus in business, Ashka understands Biteline – she understands the entrepreneurship, and appreciates the health-focused side of things (healthy mouth, healthy body!).  […]

3 steps you can take to get back on track if your day has gone awry

RDH working

3 steps you can take to get back on track if your day has gone awry Do you ever have one of those days? You know, one of those days – where everything seems to go wrong? Maybe you started the day by spilling your coffee, or got into a disagreement with a co-worker. Or […]

Holistic Dentistry: A different kind of dentistry

Dental elements

Holistic Dentistry: A different kind of dentistry It’s 2021, and green is the new black – it seems like every industry is coming up with new and innovative ways to incorporate clean, green, organic, and holistic practices into how they work. So what does that mean for RDHs and the dental profession?  It means: holistic […]

Kristie Duff: Meet Biteline’s new Sales Director/Business Development Manager

Kristie Duff

Kristie Duff: Meet Biteline’s new Sales Director/Business Development Manager How do you spread the word about an innovative app meant to help RDHs and DAs find work? You need people like Kristie Duff. Kristie is our new Sales Business Development Manager, and is a total rockstar at what she does. With 10 years of experience […]

Our favorite tips and tricks for organizing your calendar

Calendar 2021

How to properly organize your calendar Do you ever look at your calendar and feel completely overwhelmed? Frazzled by a seemingly never-ending flood of jobs, appointments, tasks and to-do lists? That kind of defeats the purpose of having a calendar – a tool meant to organize the nitty-gritty details of everyday life. A good calendar […]

Our favorite ways to stretch it out in Charlotte

woman stretching

Our favorite ways to stretch it out in Charlotte Ah, back pain. We know it all too well. Working long hours stooped over a dental chair can take its toll. Or swiveling on a saddle chair. Or hunched over a keyboard – somebody has to do that paperwork. But even if the scenery changes from […]

How boutique dental practices are changing the game

Boutique Dental Office

How boutique practices are changing the game A relaxing trip to the dentist? Never heard of her. At least, that’s what many patients might be thinking. After all, fear of the dentist is a very real thing. (And you’ve probably spent your fair share of time with a nervous patient!) As someone who specializes in […]

How to Handle a Difficult Conversation at Work

Doctors talking

How to Handle a Difficult Conversation at Work Difficult conversations are just that: difficult. With friends, with family, and especially with coworkers. Maybe you’re having a hard time communicating clearly with the other RDHs in the office, or maybe you need to give some difficult feedback or make suggestions to your boss. How can you […]

5 Fun Activities to Make Your Team Stronger than Ever

Team having fun

5 Fun Activities to Make Your Team Stronger than Ever Working in a dental office can be challenging – AND SO MUCH FUN. And both of those vibes can come down to the people you work with – especially your fellow RDHs.  So make some plans to get to know each other, and we don’t […]

Meet the new and improved Biteline 3.0

Biteline 3.0

Meet the new and improved Biteline 3.0 Guess what? Biteline’s latest update is here! We’re back and better than ever, so check out these fresh features in the new and improved Biteline 3.0. Map Feature Location, location, location. It matters to real estate, it matters to dental professionals. What’s the first thing you notice on […]

9 Ways to spice up your morning meeting

Morning Meeting

9 5-minute activities to spice up your morning meeting Morning Meetings. Necessary, but sometimes monotonous. Of course it’s important to touch base with your team, clarify your daily agenda, maintain communication – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it! Try some of these 5-minute activities to wake up your brain and […]

Teledentistry: How it’s changing the face of dental care


Teledentistry: How screening through a screen is changing the face of dental care Teledentistry. It sounds like an oxymoron. How can you offer hands-on services like dental care through a screen? But if you’ve been working in the industry over the past few years – especially this past year – you’re probably familiar with the […]

5 things you can do to take care of your mental health


5 things you can do to take care of your mental health this week Everyone’s rushing back to the way things were pre-pandemic – and that’s wonderful. But in making up for lost time, it can feel like we’re constantly running on empty. Add a stressful day of work on top of that, and you’ve […]

Introducing the Endorsement Feature

biteline endorsement feature

Meet the Biteline App’s Newest Feature: The Endorsement Feature Since day one, the Biteline team has been fully committed to bringing our community the latest in innovative thinking, technology, and features that set you up for personal and professional success. We’re excited to tell you that Biteline version 2.8 – our latest and greatest, friends […]

Our favorite Charlotte places to enjoy after work this summer

Charlotte NC

Our favorite Charlotte places to enjoy after work this summer Long day with a full day of back-to-back patients? You’re in luck. Summer’s back and better than ever, thanks to loosening Covid restrictions. So when you wrap up with your last patient, ditch the scrubs – we’ve got plenty of plans for you to kick […]

The best of the best in Charlotte dentistry resources


So you’re an RDH in the QC –  who and where do you go to for training, education, and even for new career opportunities?  It’s 2021, and we’re back to networking. If you’re a dental pro in the QC, here’s how you do it.   Get to know these trusted Charlotte pros   Who’s the […]

Three ways to keep learning and improving

Woman Focused

Three ways to stay on top of your game.   No matter our industry, most of us can agree to embrace one simple idea: Never stop learning.  Even the best of the best – from CEOs to RDHs – have room for improvement. There’s always something new to discover, another skill to add to your […]

Three critical skills RDHs need

Smiling RDH

It’s time to own your performance, be excited to improve, be open to feedback. Because you are an important part of creating a culture that promotes personal responsibility. The dental industry is tough. We totally get it. We also know that years of schooling may have trained you to be a highly-organized professional with a […]

50 Questions to Ask Your Patients This Week

Dental Patient

50 Questions to Ask Your Patients This Week (Not All 50 Qs to the SAME Patient, Of Course)   This week’s blog is pure inspiration for one of the – if not THE – most important (and most FUN!) parts of your job, RDHs – how you spark conversation with your patients and their family […]

How to present yourself (and your resume) in a professional manner

Professional Interview

We want YOU to get noticed on Biteline – here are some ways to make sure you’re looking and feeling your professional best. Your family, friends and colleagues know how great you are. (If only they could go on job interviews FOR you!) But we often struggle to paint that same, best picture of ourselves […]


Carly Clark RDH

RDH Carly Clark has been an important and special voice in our focus groups over the last several months; her experience and insight as a full-time temp have become an important part of how we design and launch new concepts to support our community, concepts like the Calendar Feature.    In this Q&A, meet Carly […]

How to Avoid Burnout as a Dental Hygienist

Burnt out RDH

Two words for you: Burn out.   What comes to mind when you read those words. Have you felt burnout? Do you think you’re right on the edge of it? Have you seen it or felt it in others?    As dental hygienists, we know that burnout might be all too familiar. While some of […]

How RDHs Can Relieve Back Pain

RDH Back Pain

You Might Want to Sit Down for This: How RDHs Can Relieve Back Pain   Back pain. Nothing feels quite like it – literally and figuratively. it might not be something you notice for days, weeks, or even months. But once it hits you, it’ll stick around like a leech, making it hard to focus, […]

Meet Biteline’s New Calendar Feature: 5 Things You Need to Know

Biteline Calendar Feature

Meet Biteline’s New Calendar Feature: 5 Things You Need to Know Here’s a quick story: Late last year, we hosted a series of focus groups with a number of smart, talented RDHs in the Charlotte area. They were great opportunities to spark conversations and connections between dental pros in our community – and also fun […]

How the Dental Industry looks different in 2021 from 2020 so far

Dentistry 2021

The dental industry is continuing to evolve and expand with positive changes.   It’s officially Q2 2021. How are we all doing?! (Insert your current state of emotions here.)     One area that looks much more hopeful this year is the dental hygienist industry. 2020 transformed the way we see healthcare, especially since most of […]

How to be Confident and Calm when you’re a Temp Working in a New Office

Temp RDH Working

A new job is equal parts exciting and challenging. The better you’re prepared for both, the more likely you are to succeed.   As a dental hygienist, a new office means learning the ins and outs of a whole new culture; what to wear, how to greet people, how to organize your schedule. And if […]