How to present yourself (and your resume) in a professional manner

Professional Interview

We want YOU to get noticed on Biteline – here are some ways to make sure you’re looking and feeling your professional best. Your family, friends and colleagues know how great you are. (If only they could go on job interviews FOR you!) But we often struggle to paint that same, best picture of ourselves […]


Carly Clark RDH

RDH Carly Clark has been an important and special voice in our focus groups over the last several months; her experience and insight as a full-time temp have become an important part of how we design and launch new concepts to support our community, concepts like the Calendar Feature.    In this Q&A, meet Carly […]

How to Avoid Burnout as a Dental Hygienist

Burnt out RDH

Two words for you: Burn out.   What comes to mind when you read those words. Have you felt burnout? Do you think you’re right on the edge of it? Have you seen it or felt it in others?    As dental hygienists, we know that burnout might be all too familiar. While some of […]

How RDHs Can Relieve Back Pain

RDH Back Pain

You Might Want to Sit Down for This: How RDHs Can Relieve Back Pain   Back pain. Nothing feels quite like it – literally and figuratively. it might not be something you notice for days, weeks, or even months. But once it hits you, it’ll stick around like a leech, making it hard to focus, […]

Meet Biteline’s New Calendar Feature: 5 Things You Need to Know

Biteline Calendar Feature

Meet Biteline’s New Calendar Feature: 5 Things You Need to Know Here’s a quick story: Late last year, we hosted a series of focus groups with a number of smart, talented RDHs in the Charlotte area. They were great opportunities to spark conversations and connections between dental pros in our community – and also fun […]

How the Dental Industry looks different in 2021 from 2020 so far

Dentistry 2021

The dental industry is continuing to evolve and expand with positive changes.   It’s officially Q2 2021. How are we all doing?! (Insert your current state of emotions here.)     One area that looks much more hopeful this year is the dental hygienist industry. 2020 transformed the way we see healthcare, especially since most of […]

How to be Confident and Calm when you’re a Temp Working in a New Office

Temp RDH Working

A new job is equal parts exciting and challenging. The better you’re prepared for both, the more likely you are to succeed.   As a dental hygienist, a new office means learning the ins and outs of a whole new culture; what to wear, how to greet people, how to organize your schedule. And if […]

How to find the perfect office as a Dental Hygienist

Hygienist and Dentist

Truth: When you find the ‘right’ dental office for you and your career, you maximize your opportunities to succeed.   Your career success as a Dental Hygienist is one of our favorite things. Because when you’re happy and successful, everything seems to fall into place, right? A lot of that success has to do with […]

AADOM Charlotte Metro Area Meeting on 3/9: Meet Anne Duffy

Anne Duffy AADOM

A local Charlotte industry leader is speaking and sharing her advice on leadership at AADOM ’s meeting this Tuesday   An EXCITING, last call: The Charlotte Metro Area (NC/SC) AADOM Chapter is pleased to announce a special opportunity to learn and connect – their next chapter meeting tomorrow – Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Read all […]


Charlotte AADOM

AADOM wants you to stay calm – you’re the leader!   Last week, we introduced you to Sherry May, the Charlotte Metro Area (NC/SC) AADOM Chapter President to learn more about her experience with AADOM and why the world (or, the Charlotte metro area) needs the chapter meeting’s theme now more than ever.    ICYMI: […]

Sherry May: Meet Charlotte Metro Area AADOM President.

Sherry May AADOM

Since 2005, the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) has served as an important organization committed to helping dental office managers learn, grow, and connect.   That drive to empower these hard-working pros is a commitment from the national office, but comes to life on the local levels when dental office managers living and […]

Trends in the dental hygiene industry today

RDH Studying

In a year that felt slow and stagnant, the dental hygiene industry was dynamic and growing.   From new work styles that make it so you can pretty much sign up to be a dental hygienist from your living room, to brand new technology that can change how patients perceive procedures, some of the industry’s […]