Everyone belongs at Biteline

Diversity; equity; inclusion. We hear these words a lot, especially this time of year.  But at Biteline, these aren’t just buzzwords – they’re standards by which we operate our business, manage our team, and support our users. As a business, we are committed to serving dental professionals and offices in healthy and valuable, honest and […]

3 reasons you should try temping this summer

The season of sunshine is back.  Hello, summer! Long days, warm nights, and much-needed vacations are on the horizon once again. But even with all the fun that lies ahead, not all of us can afford to take a 3-month long break from our careers. Fortunately, there’s a way to do your job and make […]

How to file taxes as a dental temp

Taxes can be, well, taxing – especially when you’re temping. For RDHs and DAs who temp, whether you make it a full-time career or are just picking up a few shifts here and there, navigating tax season can be difficult. Are temps employees or contractors? And should you receive a 1099 or a W-2 form?  […]

Can You Assist in The National Dental Hygienist Shortage?

Can You Assist in The National Dental Hygienist Shortage?  Shortages are on the rise in the dental field. ADA News reports that “80% of hiring dentists find hygienist recruitment extremely or very challenging because 66% of Dental Hygienists left their positions voluntarily in March 2020” (ada.org).  So, how can you help? Have you ever thought […]

The Power of a Smile!

Beth McAlduff takes pride in the fact that she has seen a lot of progress and change in the dental industry throughout her career.