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Ashka Shah: Meet Biteline’s Customer Success Director

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Ashka Shah: Meet Biteline’s Customer Success Director

What do science and business have in common?

A lot, if you ask our Customer Success Director Ashka Shah.

With an education in neuroscience, and a focus in business, Ashka understands Biteline – she understands the entrepreneurship, and appreciates the health-focused side of things (healthy mouth, healthy body!). 

She’s also passionate about people, and loves being the bridge between Biteline and the user.

Learn more about Ashka’s experience, and what excites her most about Biteline.

Biteline: How did you get involved with Biteline?

Ashka Shah: When I was applying for jobs during my senior year of undergrad, I came across a job posting for Biteline. Will (Biteline’s  CEO) and I connected, and I visited the office in Charlotte. I loved the job, I loved what he was doing – I loved it so much I decided to rejoin the team after my gap year.

B: What do you do for Biteline?

AS: I’m the Customer Success Director. Right now, we’re trying to implement customer success strategies to increase the retention rate of job posters. We’re also talking to advisers to figure out the best ways to engage with the dental offices in Charlotte – to make sure that they’re satisfied with the app, and that it serves them well. So, my job is to regularly communicate with the dentists and to make sure everything is running smoothly and that their needs are being fulfilled. My direct role is to work with the dental offices, but I also help recruit hygienists and assistants to apply for jobs. I’m the bridge between the offices and the hygienists/assistants, and between Biteline and the customer.

B: What do you love about your job?

AS: I love being able to communicate with hygienists and assistants, and helping them. I’m sure it must be frustrating to find a fill-in job on a certain date, so I enjoy making the process easier for both offices and seekers. I think that’s really important – especially in Charlotte, where the dental community is so huge. I enjoy interacting with them – I text them and message them on Facebook, and I’m starting to call office managers. It’s just nice to talk to them and bring that human touch to things, even though we’re an app.

B: What is one of your favorite things about Biteline?

AS: I love that it’s a two-way, two-sided app, where both posters and seekers have authority over their own needs – and they can meet in the middle. For example, if an office says they need a hygienist on the 15th and there’s a hygienist available on the 15th, we’re just kind of a mediator for that – and we make sure everything runs smoothly.

I also love how easy it is. If you go on other job posting sites, it requires so much information. With Biteline, you just create an account one time, and you can even save some of your settings. So if you need a hygienist next week, you can post a job in under a minute, and even write a description in under a minute. It’s so easy to put a job out there, as opposed to the more traditional methods like word-of-mouth or Facebook. It’s so simple.

B: What are you most excited for next?

AS: Biteline should be growing a lot within the next couple of months, because we’ve really ramped up our operations and sales – so I’m excited to see how many more offices sign up and how many more users we have. I’m just really excited to watch our growth.

B: What’s one thing that makes you smile?

AS:I’m a big foodie, and so food always makes me smile. I love trying new places to eat and trying new recipes to cook at home. My favorite food is falafel!

Ashka keeps a smile on your face, so you can keep smiles on your patients’ faces, too!

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