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Biteline originated during a conversation with my friend Stephanie, a RDH who works at Kari Ryan Dentistry in Mount Pleasant. As I lounged in the exam chair, my mouth wide-open, Stephanie began to tell me about her week. Her child had been sick two nights earlier and, as usual, she was forced to scramble from 2 AM until 5 AM to find a replacement. She spent that sleepless night scouring the web and Facebook, emailing and texting friends and colleagues, desperate to find someone to cover her shift the next day. Intrigued, I began to investigate. It didn’t take me long to discover that the dental temp marketplace had significant shortcomings.

Dentists and practice owners can’t afford empty chairs, and oftentimes under-performing temps can be more costly than a cancelled clinic. Yet, the responsibility to find replacement labor typically falls to the hygienist or assistants in need of coverage. Full-time employees end up stuck trying to move mountains in the middle of the night to find coverage. Job posting boards are expensive and slow, and sometimes friends fall through – where do you turn next?

But it goes even deeper, did you know that apparently 50% of all dental professionals work temporary or part-time? You’d think it would be easy to find someone to come in short-notice! But the reality is that temps are more often than not scrambling door-to-door, leaving resumes, and posting relentlessly to social media to find work opportunities.

My friend and business partner, Kimberly Pieper is no stranger to the dental world and the challenges within. An advocate and forward thinking RDH within the Charleston marketplace, her insight into the problems, enthusiasm toward finding a solution, and her influence within the community cemented my resolve to solve this unique pain.

Queue Biteline. Simply put, we have developed software that connects dental professionals in an organized and simple manner. Our goal is to effectively eliminate existing staffing challenges. Through Biteline, full-time employees can browse rich profiles on temps in their area, sort based on experiences, recommendations, ratings, or reviews, and reach out to them for urgent or long-term needs. Additionally, temps now have a stage on which to showcase their skills and abilities to a captive audience of hiring practices. We advocate for higher wages, less management time, and greater profits for all.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, keeping the software simple and effective, and trying to have as much fun as possible along the way.

Thank you for your support… long live Biteline!