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Meet Biteline

Our Story

Biteline is your one-stop shop to connect dental professionals to dental opportunities; we help pros fill in empty shifts at dental offices, and make sure those offices connect with the right hygienists and assistants for their office culture and, more importantly, their patients and the care they deserve.

We’re more than your traditional staffing agency; we’re problem-solvers.

But most of all, we’re a community with a passion for helping people – from professionals to patients.

Our Team
will naso

Will Naso

CEO & Co-founder

The dental dish: I had Invisalign, but never braces!

Smile-sparker: My corgi’s butt.

Best thing about Biteline: Getting to build something from the ground up that directly impacts the lives and careers of individuals in my community.

hank conn

Hank Conn


The dental dish: I’ve had the same hygienist since I was a baby.

Smile-sparker: Spending time with my newborn and awesome wife.

Best thing about Biteline: It’s the best team I’ve ever worked with!

meg seitz

Meg Seitz

VP of Brand

The dental dish: I’m proud to say I’m 30-something, and I’ve never had a cavity.

Smile-sparker: My corgi pup, Winnie!

Best thing about Biteline: The Biteline team are characters – they’re fun, personable, warm; and 100p customer-focused.

Margaret Thacker

Margaret Thacker

Director of Content

The dental dish: I had braces for four years – and they were always Carolina blue!

Smile-sparker: Good food; good books; good people.

Best thing about Biteline: The mission; the team; the relationships.

Samaiya Robbins

Customer Success Manager

The dental dish: I love going to the dentist… probably because I’ve had the same dentist and hygienist my whole life! 

Smile-sparker: Nothing beats family time. 

Best thing about Biteline: The energy – everyone is so driven and passionate about what we’re building!

Kristie duff

Kristie Duff

Director of Business Development / Sales

The dental dish: After working in the dental field for 11 years, I still have fear of the dentist! I believe that’s what makes me good at my job – I have empathy, and I want them to know that they are not alone.

Smile-sparker: Helping people. And my daughter!

Best thing about Biteline: Building relationships with offices and pros, and helping offices keep their teams full in order to keep patients healthy.

Damian Medinas

Damian Medinas

Digital Designer

The dental dish: My family owns a dental office!

Smile-sparker: A morning breeze with breakfast.

Best thing about Biteline: It’s an amazing place to be a designer; you get the opportunity to implement your knowledge in a wide range of design fields and you get to collaborate with amazing people.

clarence cheng

Clarence Chang

UX Designer

The dental dish: My favorite color for my braces was glow-in-the-dark.

Smile-sparker: Really bad puns.

Best thing about Biteline: Our team!

Chiara Calandriello

Chiara Calandriello

Virtual Assistant

The dental dish: I have fond memories of going to the dentist as a child; the dental office had lots of games and children’s books, and the dentist was super friendly and fun.

Smile-sparker: Enjoying a good meal with the people I love, with good music in the background.

Best thing about Biteline: Getting to work with amazing people and being able to help them while I’m in the comfort of my own home (and on the other side of the planet!).