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Our Story

In the summer of 2016, Barclay McFadden had a decision to make. As a mid-to-late career MBA who had recently sold a business, he could either start from scratch and do it all again, or take the “safe” route and find an executive position at an established firm.

Enter Will Naso. By chance, Barclay’s former business partner hired Will as an intern for the summer. Whether it was their shared inability to acknowledge social cues or their insatiable desire to work hard for what they believed in—the two instantly connected.

Fast forward a year and a half.

Will went on to complete his degree at Davidson College, move to Charlotte, and begin a career in health and human services. One night, driving home from a particularly hard client visit, he called Barclay.


Barclay told Will about a year’s daily grind—no salary, no cash flow, and flawed software. He also spoke about the opportunity of a single idea and an industry that was desperate for a solution. The call ended with an offer. One week later, Will joined in on Barclay’s idea full-time.

Fast forward one more year. This idea is now Biteline, and the team has grown from two to eight—all thanks to an idea, formed by an MBA, who took a chance on an intern.

The Faces Behind our Success

Barclay McFadden

Chairman / Co-Founder

Will Naso

CEO / Co-Founder

Hank Conn


Meg Seitz

VP Brand

Kristie Duff

Director of Sales / BD

Damian Medinas UI/UX Designer

Damian Medinas


Ashka Shah

Customer Success Director

Clarence Chang

UX Designer

Hans Foster

Front – End Engineer

Our Advisors

Jay Barganier


Matthew Hubis


Carmen Leary


Kimberly Gallagher


George McFadden

SaaS Executive; first 10 at multiple Silicon Valley companies

Matt Telmanik

Founder off CCS Construction Staffing; multi-year Inc. 5000, 

Victor Holloway

MBA; Founding Partner at the Medicus Group