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AADOM Charlotte Metro Area Meeting on 3/9: Meet Anne Duffy

Anne Duffy AADOM

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A local Charlotte industry leader is speaking and sharing her advice on leadership at AADOM ’s meeting this Tuesday


An EXCITING, last call: The Charlotte Metro Area (NC/SC) AADOM Chapter is pleased to announce a special opportunity to learn and connect – their next chapter meeting tomorrow – Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Read all about it here


The last several weeks, we’ve been warming you up to this special event. We featured a Q&A with Sherry May, the Charlotte AADOM Chapter President, to learn more about her experience with AADOM and why the world (or, the Charlotte metro area) needs the chapter meeting’s theme now more than ever. We also shared six things you need to know about the March 9 meeting.


This week, we’re proud and excited to introduce you to the event’s Featured Speaker: Anne Duffy. If you work in the Charlotte dental industry, chances are you know Anne. (If you don’t – you totally should.) She is the founder of Dental Entrepreneur Woman, an organization that supports, inspires, and empowers all women in dentistry. The DeW website shares an important statistic: in 1968, 1.1% of dental students; in 2020, 52% of graduating dentists are female. (With that said, we cannot think of a better advocate and speaker during Women’s History Month!) 


The AADOM meeting’s theme focuses on leadership; so, we thought we’d let Anne take a lead here, and answer some questions about her career, women who inspire her, and some teasers about what she’ll be speaking about at the meeting.


Biteline (B): How did you get involved in the dental industry, and what keeps you eager and excited about it?


Anne Duffy (AD): When I was deciding on colleges, I knew I wanted to go to The Ohio State University. My parents wanted me to have a plan, and when my dentist mentioned I would be a good hygienist, it was a match made in heaven. Sidenote: I was lucky to be able to go to the dentist every six months as a kid and always loved picking a toy out of the treasure chest after my appointments.


B: What keeps you excited about the dental industry?


AD: What keeps me excited is the impact we can make on people’s lives by helping them maintain a beautiful smile and a healthy life. There are so many opportunities in this career.


B: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received when it comes to a career in the dental industry?


AD: This advice came from a friend when we started to move around the country with my husband’s career. “Always treat each move like it is your last move.” Hence I took six state boards!


B: What’s your favorite advice to give? 


AD: Look for opportunities that build on your Strengths. Say, “Yes.”


B: You’ll be speaking at the AADOM chapter meeting about leadership. Any teasers about what you’ll be speaking about specifically?


Not all leaders are born. Decide to become a leader. Surround yourself with good people and never stop learning.


B: You started and run an organization called DeW – Dental Entrepreneur Woman. Why are dental entrepreneurs such good, strong leaders?  

AD: Dental entrepreneurs make strong leaders because they persevere and meet challenges with grace and humility.


B: We’re publishing this Q&A during the first couple of days of Women’s History Month. What entrepreneurial women inspire you and your career?  

AD: Sara Blakley, Jamie Kern Lima, Oprah, and Mother Teresa inspire me.


B: What’s the impact you’d like to have on other women in the dental industry? 

AD: Good DeWs find good DeWs, and together we can do great things.


Meet Anne and hear her speak this Tuesday, March 9. Register for the event here

To learn more about the Charlotte Metro (NC/SC) Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, March 9, please visit their website or learn more via their FB event page.


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