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5 ways to really ramp up your resume

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You’re an in-demand dental professional, with years of experience and expertise. 

The dental community is teeming with talented dental professionals, though – so how do you rise above the crowd?

Here are our 5 best tips for creating (or refreshing) a resume, that’ll be sure to get you noticed.

Keep it clean

Dentistry is about keeping teeth clean; your resume should be clear, too. A simple black font on a white background is all you need – to keep the focus on your experience and not flowery fluff. Strategic use of bolding and italicizing can be useful, and even powerful – but don’t overdo it. Potential employers want to know what makes you stand out as an expert dental professional, without distraction, so save the pinks, greens, and fancy fonts for your color-coded calendar.

Pack a punch

Language is powerful – and persuasive. Use it to your advantage when listing your accomplishments. Always use active verbs, like “demonstrated,” instead of something more passive, like “I made sure.” But don’t stop there – get creative. Did you increase, or maximize? Change, or innovate? Achieve, or exceed? The words you choose should depend upon the type of position you’re applying for, but remember that originality on your resume will help you attract some attention.

Stay detail- (and dental-) oriented

You’re a dental professional; your resume should reflect that. Sure, your first part-time job at the mall in highschool certainly taught you invaluable skills that you utilize in your career now. But once you gain more professional experience, make that your focus – that’s what your employees are interested in, after all. Include all dental experience, accomplishments, and certifications; list appropriate references; cut any excess details. 

Be confident in your qualifications

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. No one likes a show-off, of course, but when you’re looking for a job, you’ve got to make sure you stand above the competition – especially in a field that relies heavily on all kinds of certifications. Don’t stretch the truth, but don’t be afraid to brag a bit. And let others do so, too – remember to include references, and on your Biteline profile, make the most of our endorsement feature.


Tell a story

Resumes are snapshots of professional experience – and employers see a lot of them. You want to stand out, so tell your story. You may not be able to include a 400-page memoir on your one-pager, but you can absolutely let your personality shine through. Maybe your personal statement describes an experience that sparked your interest in the dental industry, or you include a fun, professional anecdote on your cover letter – be sure to make the most of your space, so the next person to read your resume just gets you.

Standing out in a sea of professionals can be difficult, and frustrating – which is why you have to make sure your resume is always in tip-top shape. So: keep it clean, pack a punch, tailor it to your industry, brag a bit, and tell your story; you’ll be sure to snag some attention.

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