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5 things we’re grateful for & Happy Thanksgiving from us at Biteline

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We can probably all agree that Thanksgiving hits differently this year.

Maybe you’re unable to travel to family as you normally would. Maybe Friendsgiving had to be virtual. And maybe you’re swapping out pie with banana bread because SERIOUSLY you can’t stop baking it now.

Whatever “maybe” finds you, here’s one thing we hope is definitely true: You’ll be giving thanks like never before.


After a year of so much change, upheaval, uncertainty, there’s also been a collective shift to realizing what matters most to us, and being thankful as hell for it.


We wanted to take a beat to call out a few things we’re grateful for, and hope maybe it inspires you to do the same.


Dental offices and hygienists


Well, obviously. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. But specifically, the resilience and bravery of dental professionals.


After having to abruptly come to a halt, dental professionals were left in limbo. “When will we be able to get back to work? And when we do…will it be safe?”


And after a few months of not being able to visit the dentist, many folks were chomping at the bit (yep, pun intended) to get their teeth cleaned and examined. Dental offices were flooded with appointments, and showed up to care for their patients. 


Which, considering the lingering fears and uncertainties out there, showing up to provide care and create a safe space for patients is just about the bravest thing we can think of.


To the dental professionals, thank you.


Our team


Wow. What a group of innovative, scrappy, driven, talented individuals we have. 


A group of people we can trust, rely on, and who are committed to our shared mission. A group whose stuck with us through the uncertainties of startup life, of a global pandemic, of a new frontier.


Our team is comprised solely of MVPs. That’s right — they’re all the most valuable. (And the most awesome.)


To our team, thank you. 




Yup. We said it. We’re grateful for smiles.


We need to smile at one another. It makes us happier, and it makes us feel safer. Even in a world where we’re clad in masks, others can tell whether or not we’re smiling, and vice versa. In a world that needs more kindness than ever, smiles are kind of a superpower.


If you need any convincing, learn more about the power of a smile


Smiles, thank you.




Come on. We’re an app-based company, of course we’re mentioning this one. 


But SERIOUSLY, technology has come THRU this year. 

Zoom to keep meetings rolling and kiddos in school. TikTok to keep us entertained. Grocery delivery apps to keep us fed. Biteline, for connecting dental hygienists with dental offices. And Netflix…you are bae.


While it certainly has its drawbacks and can create some iffy habits, ultimately technology has allowed us to keep going.


Technology, thank you.




We certainly weren’t going to skip over the “viewers like you” portion. 


Whether you’re a Biteline user, newsletter subscriber, or just stumbled here through a Google search (hey, thanks SEO!), we’re so grateful for your time and support. We love the work we do, and are delighted to be able to share it with you in our little corner of the internet. 


So, to viewers like you, (sorry, couldn’t resist), thank you.


And a very Warm & Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Biteline.


Read more fun facts, expert advice, and dental industry news on the Biteline blog.
And don’t forget to share with your dental friends! 


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