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5 Fun Activities to Make Your Team Stronger than Ever

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5 Fun Activities to Make Your Team Stronger than Ever

Working in a dental office can be challenging – AND SO MUCH FUN. And both of those vibes can come down to the people you work with – especially your fellow RDHs. 

So make some plans to get to know each other, and we don’t just mean after-work drinks (although we love that too!). Find an activity that lets you learn more about your team – how they work, how they think – so that you can create a more productive, and fun, workplace.

Check out some of our favorite ideas for team-building activities, to help you and your teammates work better together!

Escape Rooms

Nothing revolutionary here, but there’s a reason that escape rooms are so popular these days! They’re not only fun, but they literally lock you in a room until you figure out how to work together and solve your problem (even if that problem includes pirates or an alien invasion). They’re perfect for learning how to deal with high-stress situations, and they’re way more fun than a powerpoint. 

Try Timed Out Escape, Escape Tactic, or Exit Strategy for rooms around town.

Cooking Classes

Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur, or completely starting from scratch, cooking classes are always a fun way to spend some time with your RDH squad. You not only get to learn something new – you have a delicious meal as a reward, to admire and to eat. Just make sure to pack some floss.

Grab a fork and taste a class at Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen or The Foodie School.

Art classes, with a side of bubbly

Maybe you’re not the next Van Gogh, but have you been wanting to cultivate your artistic side? Try a painting class! And the best part? Many places allow you to bring your own drinks – so you can cheers to your new masterpiece (or your best effort).

Pick up a bottle of rosé and head to Wine & Design, Painting with a Twist, or The Tipsy Paintbrush.

Whitewater Center

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the Whitewater Center is the place to be this summer! Of course there’s River Jam, but be sure to explore the many activities they offer too. There’s definitely a certain level of trust needed to go rock-climbing or tackle a ropes course together, and rafting through the rapids will certainly mean you have to work together – the perfect team-building exercise.

And when you’re done, you can grab a drink and take in some live music.

Top Golf

Know how to kill it on the course? Grab the crew and head to Top Golf. It’s fun, low-pressure competition – and you can even relieve some stress while you swing! And don’t worry if golf isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of food and drink – relaxation to a tee.

Life as a dental pro can be stressful – we totally get it. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the people you work with are more than coworkers – they’re teammates.

So pick an activity, invite your fellow RDHs along, and have some fun with it – so that everyone is all smiles when they walk through the office doors!

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