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5 festive gift ideas guaranteed to spark a smile


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It’s the season of giving!

Glittery red ribbons and shiny snowflake-covered wrapping paper.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of unwrapping a heartfelt gift chosen just for you?

But let’s face it – as much as we may love receiving gifts, finding the right present to give can be a bit overwhelming. And this time of year, especially, everyone is inundated with stuff. So, to help you navigate the chaos of holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up some gift ideas for the dental pros in your life – including yourself!   

Here’s our five faves:

For making spirits bright 

The holiday season seems to be full of sparkling spirits, bottles of bubbly, and velvety wines – but, really, that’s something you can enjoy all year long – especially after a long day (or days) of work! If you enjoy the occasional (or frequent) bevvie, we love this gift idea: a set with a thermal mug to keep your coffee warm – “before patients” – and a thermal wine glass to keep your wine chilled – “after patients.” Of course, we know you love your patients, but a long day is a long day. Plus, you can throw in a beautiful bottle opener or corkscrew, and remind your people to keep those caps away from their teeth!

For releasing the tension

Long days spent in saddle seats, bent over patients, can take its toll on your body- something RDHs and DAs know all too well. Back massagers make a great gift, whether they’re handheld or fit in your seat – we especially love the ones with heat. And you can also throw in a (cute) lumbar pillow for relaxing at home; maybe even a foot massager, too – they (and you) deserve it.

For cozying up by the fire

Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from the world for a while; to grab a good book or movie and snuggle up by the fire (even if it’s only on the TV). Compression socks may be practical for hygienists or assistants, but we also love novelty socks for something a bit more fun – and we love anything dental-related, like these punny, toothy toe-warmers. And bonus: throw in a cozy blanket!

For that creative spark

After long hours in a dental office, it’s a good idea to lean in more to your creative side. And if you can relieve some stress at the same time? Amazing. Coloring has been proven to help reduce anxiety and improve fine motor skills, even for adults – the perfect combo for dental pros. For something quirky, check out this coloring book made specifically for hygienists, or try something a little more intricate – both make great gifts.

For staying organized (and between) offices

As a temp, you may not have a designated space at the office, especially when you develop relationships with several offices – that’s when a personalized tote bag really comes in clutch. From the simple ones to the ones with all the bells and whistles, give the gift of efficiency, because staying organized helps you stay on top of your game! And for a bonus gift to stuff inside, grab an adorable loupes strap or badge reel; you can still be cute in your scrubs.

Need a few more suggestions? Try a gift card for a mani-pedi or afternoon at the spa, some fresh bath bombs, or a cozy candle; self-care never goes out of style.

So whether you’re shopping for your fellow RDHs and DAs, your hygienist bestie, or yourself – we hope these gift ideas are able to spark a smile this holiday season!


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