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4 reasons temping is taking over the dental industry

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Temping is changing the game

The dental industry has a major problem: it’s running out of hygienists and assistants.

Full-time hygienists and assistants, anyway – and that’s where temps come in.

Temping has become more common for dental professionals – it offers unique advantages – and it’s changing the way we work and the way we serve patients.

Here’s why temping is, well, tempting for many RDHs and DAs:

Be your own boss

Temping offers flexibility; you can set your own schedule, whether you’re looking to fill-in occasionally, or make a full-time career that compliments your lifestyle. You decide when, where, and who you work for. Maybe you want to earn some extra cash on top of your regular 9-to-5; maybe you need to squeeze in shifts that work with your family’s schedule; or maybe you’re taking courses to advance your career – being able to set your own schedule allows you to do that with ease.

With Biteline, you get to control your career, so you can escape the time constraints and the agency fee. Your money is your money, so recognize your worth and set a rate that works for you. (And bonus: you get to draw your own boundaries and avoid office politics!)

Expand your experience

Working for a variety of offices means working for a variety of patients; when you work full-time for the same office, you can often fall into a steady rhythm – which is great. But if you’re wanting to spice up your daily routine, and show off and strengthen your skillset, temping for different offices can provide opportunities for professional growth.

From holistic dentistry to boutique practices to state-of-the-art software, there is a lot to learn in the ever-changing dental industry – and the beauty of temping is that you have the opportunity to experience all of it – and become the most well-rounded, in-demand professional you can possibly be.

Take a test-drive

Sometimes temping is a means to an end; it’s a great way to check out different offices – from their cultures to their approaches to dentistry – if you’re wanting to snag a full-time position. You can see how well you work with the people and their processes.

You also have the chance to shine, to make a solid impression; think of your shift as a test-drive and a try-out. You can find out if the office is a right fit for you, and they can find out if you’re the right fit for them; this will help you build stronger relationships, so if you want to continue temping, you can pick up more shifts at that office. And if you want to eventually go full-time, if the opportunity arises, you’ll be at the top of the list.

Strengthen your network

The dental industry is all about networking – from Facebook groups to app communities (that’s us!). But nothing beats meeting other professionals face-to-face; they get to know the real you – your personality and your talent. Different offices provide different opportunities, and a wealth of experience – you get to use this to your advantage. Make the most of your time at each office and develop relationships with dentists, office managers, and fellow hygienists and assistants – you may be able to find a mentor (or become one yourself).

Temping is changing the game for dental pros – you can take your career to the next level, on your timetable, and keep up a healthy work-life balance. So if you’re tempted to temp, take that step and give it a try.


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