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The business of smiling: 3 ways a smile can make you a better dental pro


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How to become a smiling success

Dental professionals spend hours on end perfecting the smiles of their patients. It’s what your business is all about – making sure your people are happy, healthy, and ready to flash those pearly whites.

But it’s also important to smile from your side of the scaler – even if you are wearing a mask!

Here are 3 ways that smiling can make you a better professional, so you can boost your biz:

Smiling boosts your mood

Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? Well, it’s not just a line – smiling and laughter have very real, positive effects on your health. Physically putting a smile on your face releases those “happy hormones” – dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins – that can reduce stress and anxiety; they also act as natural pain-relievers, so you can relieve some of that back and neck pain that comes with the dental professional territory – and kick your comfort level up a notch. Grin, so you don’t have to bear the pain.

Happy hygienists and assistants make happy patients, and happy patients make your job easier. Dental anxiety is common, and can keep you from doing your best work (anxious patients aren’t always cooperative). But when you’re at ease, they’re at ease – and they’re more likely to adhere to treatment plans, too. So while your patients may not always be able to see your smile behind your masks and face shields, they’ll definitely be able to feel its effects – and you will, too!

Smiling strengthens your relationships

Great dental professionals are great communicators, and smiling is a universal language. Smiling has been proven to make you seem more approachable, which can make your patients feel more comfortable and keep conversations flowing (when you’re not actively cleaning their teeth, of course). And because smiling is contagious, your smile can prompt them to smile, so they can have all of the warm fuzzy feelings as well – putting everyone in the best mood.

Shared emotions also build better bonds, so you can connect with your patients on a deeper level – this can make your job technically easier because they will be more receptive to treatment, but it can also make your work more meaningful for you. It’s all about your patients, after all.

Smiling increases your productivity

The best part of smiling on the job? It makes you more productive!

When you’re in a good mood and building strong bonds with patients and team members, you create a more positive work environment – and positivity increases productivity. When your mind is clear of those less-than-positive thoughts, you’ll be better able to focus on the task (and people) at hand. And – bonus points – a positive mindset can make you more creative, and really amps up your problem-solving skills.

Of course, a smile is the picture of success; it instantly encourages people to place more trust in you, which can make you a better leader – whether you’re stepping into a permanent position or filling in a single shift. And while looks are everything, it is important to maintain a professional appearance – so even if you’re dressed in scrubs and are wearing a face mask, people will still know if you’re giving them your best grin (kind of like when you just know someone’s smiling on the other end of a phone). People will pick up on your beaming energy, and they’ll know they’re working with the best dental pro in the business.


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