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3 reasons you should try temping this summer

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The season of sunshine is back. 

Hello, summer! Long days, warm nights, and much-needed vacations are on the horizon once again.

But even with all the fun that lies ahead, not all of us can afford to take a 3-month long break from our careers. Fortunately, there’s a way to do your job and make some money, while keeping the flexibility that lets you enjoy your summer.

Here are our 3 favorite reasons to try temping this season:

Take a trip (or two)

The summertime often means shaking up your routine a bit; the kids are out of school, you need to take that vacation (or staycation), or you just want to spend some extra time outside to soak up some rays. Now, possibly more than any other time, you need flexibility in your schedule – that’s where temping comes in. As a temp, you set your own schedule; you decide which shifts to pick up, and which shifts to drop. So whether you’re planning a tropical trip to the Caribbean or a relaxing mountain getaway out West, you’ll be able to set up your shifts accordingly.

Psst: Don’t forget to update your availability on the Biteline app, so you can be sure to snag the shifts that suit your schedule.

Grab some extra cash

With your schedule set the way you want it to be, you’re free to take that vacation you’ve been waiting for all year. But if you’re ready to fill your (proverbial) tank with some rest and relaxation, you’re probably going to have to fill up your gas tank as well – and… yikes, right? Hitting the road isn’t cheap, and especially not this summer. So pick up another shift (or more) for some extra cash (read: gas money).

Plus, once you arrive at your destination, it’ll be nice to have some money to drop on souvenirs, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and good food. Maybe even a cocktail or two (we love a fruity frozen adult bevy) – or a mocktail if that’s more your thing. It never hurts to carry around some extra moo-lah this time of year.

Psst. Make sure to set an appropriate rate on your Biteline profile; know your worth and set your pay to reflect your talent.

Keep a smile on patients’ faces

Summer is a busy season in the dental industry. Kids are on summer vacation, and parents take advantage of their time off to get in their cleanings – especially at the end of summer, during the pre-back-to-school rush. Take this increase in opportunity and use it to your advantage – we all value time and money. But also use this time to provide more opportunities for patients to maintain their oral hygiene through consistent appointments. Offices need to be fully staffed in order to serve all of their patients, and that means they need you – especially when those full-time pros are taking their time away.

At Biteline, we’re all about being your own boss – setting your own schedule, knowing your worth. We want you to take command of your career, and there’s no better time to do that than in the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer (in which we still work really hard!).

So snag that shift – then grab a lounge chair, pull out the sunscreen, sip that slushie. And get ready for some fun in the sun.

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