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Our 3 fave reasons to tack on an extra shift or two this holiday season

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‘Tis the season for temping!

It’s officially the holiday season; an exciting, festive, fun-filled time – but also a chaotic, overwhelming, frenzied time.

We love it, but sometimes it can just be… a lot – especially when you think about all the people you’ll be seeing, and all the gifts you’ll be buying.

So, while it might not be at the top of your to-do list, it is the perfect time of year to think about picking up an extra shift, or two, or three.

Here’s three of our fave reasons for tacking on an extra shift to get you through the holiday season!

Give the gift of clean teeth

At this point, we’re all aware of the national dental hygienist shortage – according to the ADA, 80% of hiring dentists are finding hygienist recruitment extremely difficult, largely because so many left their positions voluntarily at the beginning of the pandemic. 

But – patients still need clean teeth, and that means they need you. Picking up a few extra shifts means that more patients receive care – and whether it’s college students home on winter break, or those who have waited for end-of-year bonuses to finally squeeze in their cleanings or procedures, this time of year is an especially important time to make sure that offices are adequately staffed.

And after all the sugary sweets we’re indulging in this time of year, everyone’s teeth might need a little extra TLC.

Get away for a while

The holidays can be a lot – a lot of fun, a lot of gifts, a lot of… people. 

We all love our friends and families, and we cherish our time spent with them. But between work events, holiday parties, and family get-togethers, we see them a lot during the holiday season.

And while we’re not exactly suggesting you throw yourself into work to escape spending time with your loved ones, it is a refreshing reason to skip out on some of the activities you’re not too thrilled about attending.

Bonus: you might get to see some of your favorite patients, and learn how they’re spending the holidays! Even though you’re a temp, if you begin building relationships with offices in your area, your patients can kind of become like family, too.

Stack that cash

You knew it was coming; it’s probably the number one reason to pick up extra work during an already busy season – more work, more money.

And if any time of year requires some extra cash, it’s this one.

Giving gifts is wonderful – you get to show your love and appreciation for the people you care about. But, it also seems like you have to show your love and appreciation for everyone else, too – think white elephant and secret santa gift exchanges, often at parties with people you barely know. And those $5, $10, $15 gifts can add up… fast. On top of the presents you’ve been saving up for and looking forward to giving all year, some of which might cost a pretty penny, you end up spending a lot of moo-lah during the holidays – extra shifts can give you a bit of a cushion.

But, even though this is considered the season of giving, you don’t have to think about other people all the time. Show yourself a little love, and practice some self-care. Pick up some extra work, yes, but also carve out some time and use that cash for a mani-pedi or afternoon at the spa. Or save up for a post-holiday vacay, so you can really get away for a while.

We know you love what you do, but everyone loves a little flexibility – and that’s the beauty of temping. You can set your schedule, and pick up as much work as that schedule allows.

This holiday season, do what works best for you – and maybe add some extra hours. That way, it’ll be all smiles for everyone at the next holiday event you do want to attend!



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