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2021: A big year for Biteline


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Biteline’s biggest wins

Is it just us, or does it seem nearly impossible that we’re already entering 2022?
2021 has been a whirlwind, to say the least – but the best kind: busy, and full of progress.
A lot has happened for us (and you!) at Biteline – So, here’s our three biggest wins this year:

Fresh features

We’ve made some major moves this year, especially with the app; we’ve listened to our users, both professionals and offices, and have incorporated your feedback into our app development – and we’ve come up with some fresh, new features to make the job search easier.

  • Seeker availability calendar: This feature allows seekers to mark days as available or booked, so that offices can easily discover which days pros are open to fill-in opportunities. We love that this allows you to take ownership of your schedules, to choose the opportunities that are the best fit for you!
  • Real-time messaging: A total game-changer. For pros, being able to communicate with fellow RDHs and DAs increases efficiency, and allows you to make stronger connections with your contacts; it also allows for a more natural flow of communication between posters and seekers, whether that’s to clarify job details or to follow-up after fill-ins. And we’re excited about the possibilities that real-time messaging creates for building relationships – between dental pros and with dental offices.
  • Map view of “Discover Work”: This feature, which highlights where both professionals and offices are located, puts some of our best direct feedback into action; location is often the first part of a posting our dental pros look at, even before date and rate – and both posters and seekers are able to see where the jobs and pros are concentrated. We look forward to discovering where the dental professional hotspots are emerging – hello, networking!

Full of fill-ins

We’ve got some numbers for you:

From July 2020 to November 2021, there were over 1,400 temporary opportunities available for RDHs and over 200 temporary opportunities available for DAs in Charlotte – and we’ve established over 700 new connections between pros and offices. In that same timeframe, dental offices successfully sent over 225 offers accepted by pros, and there were over 5,000 total messages sent between offices and pros.

What do those numbers mean? They mean we’re super passionate about connecting RDHs and DAs to the best opportunities in your area – whether you want to pick up shifts in addition to a full-time job, or create your own flexible, full-time job by temping at various offices. We streamline this process, relieving the stress you might feel when you don’t know who’s hiring, or are unable to connect with offices. 

We also provide personal customer success support to each individual, putting everyone in contact with real people (us!) to answer all questions and to make sure you feel supported in every situation.

We love to support our offices, too – whether they need a fill-in during a vacation day, or want to boost their efficiency on certain days of the week; our Biteline PLUS plan allows offices to hire an unlimited number of professionals (with no cap!). 

We’re always available to help, and our offices know this; they trust the Biteline team with any job and recruiting support. When we help them stay staffed, dental offices are able to maximize production and avoid the loss of revenue (and patient satisfaction).

Biteline is boomin’

If your tooth decay is more advanced, and your teeth have been weakened, try dental crowns and bridges. In these procedures, the part of your tooth that is decayed is drilled away and fitted to a customized covering known as a crown. Our team can restore your tooth’s healthy appearance by using porcelain and CEREC, a high-strength porcelain. Dental crowns are also categorized as prosthetic dentures, as they restore the tooth’s structure by cementing over or covering the decayed tooth area; the high-quality porcelain material makes for a more durable and natural-looking smile. 

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