The Future of Work: Dentistry in the Gig Economy

Today, more and more workers are choosing part-time work or side hustles over the typical 9 to 5 environment — but what does this mean for the dental industry?

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Today, more and more workers are choosing part-time work or side hustles over the typical 9 to 5 environment. In fact, approximately 57 million people (aka over ⅓ of U.S. workers) are apart of what is known as the “gig economy” — but what exactly does that mean? 

Instead of working at the same business or office everyday, these workers spend their time freelancing or finding temporary gigs. With the rise of apps like Uber, Postmates, TaskRabbit and more, it is easier than ever to join the gig economy. So, how will this affect the future of work in the dental industry? 

Most RDH’s work part time and are interested in temporary gigs as a way to earn some extra cash. The new gig economy gives dental professionals the flexibility to choose their own schedules and decide what works best for their lifestyle. For example, an RDH can choose to pick up extra shifts at other practices that need a temp or work at various offices every week with no dental home whatsoever.  

However, there currently isn’t a viable option for finding temps in the dental industry. Professionals can affiliate with a staffing agency, but this option takes a percentage of wages and charges the office. The next option is to be a true freelancer and discover work via Facebook groups that the dental industry has created. These options don’t allow for real-time hiring, lack quality control, and are expensive both in time and money. 

The hard truth is that billions of dollars are lost every year because of staffing problems in the dental industry. No, this isn’t happening because people don’t want to work — it’s happening because there is no feasible, long-term solution. 

Biteline wants to be the solution to this problem, allowing dental professionals to work gigs and offices to find fill-ins as fast as possible. After all, the gig economy in the dental industry doesn’t need to be changed — it just needs to be modernized. 

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